Department of Music

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Brother Michael Sullivan, S.M., Chair

Edith Ortega, Administrative Assistant


In the Music Department at St. Mary’s University, students explore the varied musical traditions of the past and present through a curriculum of historical, theoretical and applied courses. The program trains musicians to be teachers and performers, and prepares them to pursue graduate and doctoral degrees.

The Department of Music also celebrates the creative human spirit through musical performance. Students often collaborate with the Drama department to produce and perform in musicals and operas.

Department Mission

It is the mission of the Department of Music to provide the artistic foundation for the University.  The department contributes to the advancement of the human family in two ways: by expanding aesthetic awareness in the community, and by celebrating the creative human spirit though musical performance.

In its educational role the department offers historical, theoretical, and applied classes which explore the varied artistic traditions of the past and present.  The Department of Music strives to introduce undergraduate students to western civilization’s musical heritage.

Committed to artistic excellence, the department serves the university and the city of San Antonio with performances and exhibits that, while striving toward inclusiveness, promote the Catholic artistic tradition and engage in interpreting the ever-present dialogue between faith and culture.

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