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Spotlight Stories

Mar 7 2014
Aaron Tyler closeup

Lessons in Peace

Aaron Tyler believes that faith – any faith – can be the foundation for transforming conflict by Nicolette Good Aaron Tyler grew up in the Baptist religious tradition, the son of an Air Force chaplain. It was a…

Mar 7 2014
Jessie Smith - Blame it on Facebook?

Blame it on Facebook?

Some people are social media gurus. Some are relationship experts. Jessie Smith is both. by Andrew Festa The St. Mary’s doctoral student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program recently co-authored a study with University of Missouri…

Mar 7 2014
Lorenzo Gonzalez

The Unknown Cost of Agent Orange

Alum’s search for answers ends in milestone achievement for Vietnam vets living with Parkinson’s by Chris Jarvis Lorenzo Gonzalez (B.S. ’79) served three tours during the Vietnam War, but his days of fighting are far from over….

Mar 7 2014
Students with STEM equipment

Tools of the Trade

Compiled by Chris Jarvis Labs in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology have received an infusion of cutting-edge technology – almost a half-million dollars’ worth – thanks to grants from two top philanthropic foundations. As a…

Mar 7 2014
Dr. Galeleldeen with a model of DNA

In Search of a Cure

Biological Sciences prof compares normal and abnormal genes to shed light on Lou Gehrig’s disease by Chris Jarvis Ahmad Galaleldeen, Ph.D., was a doctoral student when his faculty mentor showed him a graphic of what appeared to…

Nov 8 2013
Meghan Garza-Oswald, MBA student

Happy Coincidences

MBA student is on a path to help others by Carmel Tajonera Meghan Garza-Oswald is all about helping people in a way that is life changing and sustainable. But life has taken her on a winding, unexpected…

Nov 4 2013
Engineering printer in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology

A 3-D Revolution

St. Mary’s Engineering Lab Keeps Pace with Technology Trend by Chris Jarvis The technology of 3-D printers has been common in the news, with their ability to make just about anything from dental prosthetics to acoustic guitars….

Nov 1 2013
Leland Blank in the UAE

Called Out of Retirement

After more than 40 years, Leland Blank is still giving back to higher education by Chris Jarvis By the time Leland T. Blank, Ph.D. (B.S. ’67), stepped down in 2005 as Dean of American University of Sharjah…

Oct 31 2013
Michael Galligan-Stierle (B.A. '72)

What Catholic Colleges Are Getting Right

A Q-and-A with Michael Galligan-Stierle, Ph.D. (B.A. ’72), President and CEO of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities In 2013, Michael Galligan-Stierle visited St. Mary’s, his alma mater, to talk about the Marianist contribution to higher education….

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