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Sep 8 2015
Aleman's mother's third grade class

Common People, Uncommon Activism

by Alex Salinas (B.A. ’11) In the 1950s, a Texas school district was forcing Mexican-American students to repeat the first grade three times. When alum Enrique Aleman Jr., Ph.D., uncovered his own mother’s childhood fight in this…

Aug 18 2015
Jason Torres playing his guitar

The Punk Rock Scientist

by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) Questioning authority. Thinking independently. Not accepting things at face value. These themes are found in punk rock music, which Jason Torres (B.A. ’07) began listening to in high school. Little did…

Aug 17 2015
Collage of four photos, explained below in text

The Year of the Rattler

by Chad Peters What a year! St. Mary’s Athletics has strung together many impressive seasons in many different sports during recent years, but 2014-2015 will go down as something special: three sports in tight national championship chases,…

Aug 4 2015
From left, Capt. Jules Chan (B.B.A. '08), his mother Vanessa (M.A. '98), father Julius and younger brother Jed Chan (B.A. '15).

All in the Family

by Christina Mendez When Vanessa Chan (M.A. ’98) was a young mother and graduate student at St. Mary’s University in the 1990s, she often had to bring along her fourth grader and preschooler to study groups in…

Aug 3 2015
The monument in Orsan

A Sacred Duty

Group of History students solves the mystery of a downed American pilot from World War II by Andrew Festa He was their champion, yet they never saw him alive. They never saw his face. They knew only…

Jul 22 2015
Leopold estimates he has touched the lives of about 10,000 law students over the years.

Leopold makes – and breaks – the mold for law faculty

by Jennifer R. Lloyd Professor of Law Aloysius A. Leopold (B.A. ’70, J.D. ’62) espouses the firm opinion that teaching is not learned. “It’s a talent you are born with, but you can always refine it.” Since…

Jul 21 2015
Dr. V treats a child's foot injury

The Good Doctor

Fifteen years after a planned retirement, alumna Sylvia Villarreal is helping patients as a pediatrician and owner of a small-town clinic in New Mexico. by Alex Salinas (B.A. ’11) Every year, thousands of children come from miles…

Jul 21 2015
StMU Faculty Kathleen Gallagher

Actions Reflect Passion

Professor spearheads transformative initiatives by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) Kathleen Gallagher, Ph.D., has lived a life filled with adventure โ€” and a bit of danger. She spent seven years trekking around Nepal, lived through a strong earthquake…

Jul 21 2015
Judy Reyes outside the Rockefeller Center in New York City

An American Dream

Alumna works to improve well-being of humanity by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) Judy Reyes (B.A. ’01) was just 4 when her family moved to the Texas border town of Mission from Mexico. Her dad, a professor in…

Jul 21 2015
From left, Rick Diaz (B.B.A. '09), Albert Cruz (B.B.A. '06), Matt Sisneros (B.B.A. '12), and Alfonso Diaz (B.B.A. '07)

Rattlers of Wall Street

by Jasmine Garcia (B.A. ’11) A Wall Street work week is not your typical work week. It means long hours โ€” 70 to 90 per week โ€” in a fast-paced and competitive atmosphere. But there are St….

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