Special Groups and Institutes

The President's Peace Commission

The President's Peace Commission fosters a commitment to participate in the establishment of world peace and social justice. The Commission encourages respect for human rights and dignity of all people. The Commission annually hosts symposia that offer opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to grow in their active pursuit of peace and justice. Through the symposia the Commission seeks to build within the St. Mary's community a greater awareness of the Roman Catholic and Marianist perspectives on peace and justice. The President's Peace Commission is composed of students, staff, and faculty appointed by the University President. For more information, please visit https://www.stmarytx.edu/campuslife/activities/special-lecture-events/presidents-peace-commission/

Strategic Alliance for Business and Economics Research (SABER) Institute

The Strategic Alliance for Business and Economics Research (SABER) Institute is a collaborative economic think tank between St. Mary's University and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The research activities of the SABER Institute are focused around the following research programs: The Hispanic economy; the creative economy; neighborhood redevelopment (economic and environmental sustainability; education; health; finance, entrepreneurship, governance, quality of life, infrastructure, housing); forecasting regional economics; and the development of regional economic indicators. One of the core purposes of the Institute is to provide educational and research opportunities for the students, and while it is operated by the Economics Department, participation is open to students of all disciplines. The Institute conducts academic research and provides research services to external clients. Students who obtain internships in the Institute are given the opportunity to work closely with faculty on these research projects and will be given the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to these projects and to learn how to use data sources, soft ware tools, and methodologies for economic analysis. If appropriate, students may also seek to publish their research. For those students who intern at the Institute, it is the ultimate goal of the Institute to provide them with the opportunity to develop a portfolio of professional work. For more information, please visit http://www.saberinstitute.org

Military Science

The Army maintains a senior division of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) at St. Mary's University. ROTC allows students to attend a University while taking courses that prepare them to become an Army Officer upon graduation. In ROTC, you'll get hands-on experience in leadership roles in and outside the classroom. On any given day, students may be on an outdoor expedition or leading a tactical mission with classmates. All while earning college credit.

The length of an ROTC program can vary from two to four years. The Basic Course is taken the first two years without a military commitment (unless a scholarship is accepted) and the Advanced Course the last two years. You may also choose a two year program if you have already completed two years of college at any college or are entering a two year post graduate program. The two year program requires students to complete the equivalent of Basic Course instruction at a four week Leader's Training Course before beginning the Advanced Course. The Army ROTC will provide you with all the required texts and materials needed for the course at no cost. ROTC offers 2, 3, and 4 year scholarships to qualified students. Students who accept an ROTC scholarship will receive the scholarship funds and an additional grant of $350.00 to $500.00 a month during the period of enrollment (not to exceed 40 months).

Students who successfully complete the ROTC program and receive a college degree will be commissioned as an Army Officer. They may choose to serve fulltime on active duty, in the Army National Guard or in the Army Reserve or through a combination of active and reserve services.

For more information, visit the ROTC website at https://www.stmarytx.edu/academics/programs/rotc/.