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School Dean

Aaron M. Tyler, Ph.D.


Counseling and Human Services

Program Director

Carolyn Tubbs, Ph.D.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

Admission is granted only to those who show high promise of success in doctoral study. Generally, students must meet the following minimum criteria to be considered for admission:
  1. Have a Bachelor's Degree (for non-Master's entry) or Master's Degree in Counseling or a related area (for Master's entry) from an accredited college or university.
  2. Have the equivalent of two years full-time work experience as a professional counselor (post-Master's degree). This may be waived under exceptional circumstances.
  3. Satisfactory scores on the General Test of the GRE are required.
  4. Have positive recommendations from past employers relating to professional counseling experience, as well as from faculties of previous undergraduate/graduate studies.
  5. Have a positive recommendation from the Graduate Admissions Committee of the Department of Counseling.
  6. A successful interview with department faculty.
  7. Show potential in the area of research and writing, as evidenced by previous coursework and/or experience.
  8. Students who meet the minimum criteria are not guaranteed admission. Enrollment is limited to approximately ten full-time equivalent students per year, and each individual's application is evaluated as a whole, taking into account his or her strengths, weaknesses, background, and personal goals. The faculty also attempts to assess the personal characteristics of applicants and to admit for study those individuals who are judged to have the greatest potential for success in the academic program and as professional practitioners after graduation. Generally, the selection process involves choosing among highly qualified applicants, rather than qualified and unqualified applicants.

Degree Requirements

MFT Doctoral Course Schedule (74 hrs)

Course # Course Title Hours
Research Courses (9 hrs):
CN8377Qualitative Research3
CN8381Adv. Research I3
CN8382Adv. Research II3
Specialization Courses (37 hrs)
CN6283PMFT Seminar-POTT4
CN7385MFT Outcome Research3
CN8223Research Seminar6
CN8315Sup of Sup Practicum3
CN8325Supervision of Supervision3
CN8351Family Social Science3
CN8352Family Systems of Care3
CN8356Adv. MFT Theories I3
CN8357Adv. MFT Theories II3
CN8374Critical Theory3
CN8375Working with Latino Families3
Clinical/Internship Courses (13 hrs)
CN7141Special Practicum in MFT4
CN8363Doc Internship3
CN8364Doc Internship3
CN8365Doc Internship3
CN8376Qualitative Research3
CN8375Working With Latino Families3
Elective Courses (6 hrs)
Elective #13
Elective #23
Dissertation (9 hrs)
CN8390Dissertation Research3
CN8391Dissertation Proposal3
CN8392Dissertation Defense3
Total hours74

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Department Courses and Descriptions

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