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Department Chair

Lisa Sellers

Description of Program/Major

The Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) is a one-time, fall-semester program designed for conditionally admitted, first-year students to enhance their skills in critical reading, reasoning, writing, and in algebra. As a condition of their admittance to St. Mary's, AEP students receive academic support services including faculty advising and mentoring and peer tutoring. They are required to take IS1300 (Interdisciplinary Studies) and MT0401 (Math Skills) in the fall and are limited in their first semester to these two courses plus up to three more three-hour courses and the freshman orientation course ND0101. AEP students must make a grade of C or higher in each course on their fall schedule and pass ND0101 to successfully complete the program. IS1300 and MT0401 cannot be dropped or repeated, nor can any course be dropped in the first semester without express permission of the AEP director. AEP students who fail to meet these standards and stipulations in the fall are subject to suspension from the spring semester by the AEP Evaluation Committee.

Department Courses and Descriptions

Department Courses and Descriptions
IS 1300 Interdisciplinary Studies (3)
Interdisciplinary Studies is a three-credit-hour course that provides entering freshmen with opportunities to develop further their intellectual skills in areas essential to college success: critical thinking, reading, and writing. Typically, the instructors for this course are faculty members who teach in majors in each of the three undergraduate fields of study (i.e., sciences, humanities, and social sciences). Students will be able to improve their abilities to understand, analyze, and evaluate college-level material; to communicate effectively; to assess their own educational objectives; and to investigate their roles and responsibilities in the learning process. Strict adherence to the university's attendance policy and weekly participation in small-group study sessions led by peer tutors are required elements of the course. The course is offered only in the fall semester. A student may not drop the course or repeat it without express permission of the Critical Studies Program Director or Academic Enrichment Program Director, depending upon student's designation. Enrollment is limited to students identified by the University as being required to take the course.

MT 0401 Math Skills (4)
A four-hour non-credit course combining review of fundamental mathematics and algebraic skills necessary for entry into college-level courses. AEP students enrolled in this course are not required to take the COMPASS Math test but must take the AEP's pre- and post-course diagnostic tests in algebra. Passing Math 0401 with a C or better allows students to enroll in credit math courses required by their major course of study. Strict adherence to the university attendance policy, including weekly participation in small-group study sessions led by a peer tutor, is necessary to complete this course.

ND 101 Personal and Academic Development (1)
A required non-credit, Pass/No Pass course for all incoming freshmen. Skills for ease in transition to University life. Course designed to increase understanding of one self; develop interpersonal relationship skills; explore and clarify academic/career goals. Development of time management.