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Department Courses and Descriptions

Department Courses and Descriptions
WN 3301 Special Topics (3)

WN 3302 Special Topics (3)

WN 3310 Sociology of Sex Roles (3)
An examination of the process of learning male and female roles. Topics include sexual identity, gender stereotypes, cross-cultural differences in gender roles and socialization, and changes in these roles in contemporary society.

WN 3316 Gender Politics (3)
This course examines and assesses the role and participation of women in American political life. Topics include: women and men as voters, candidates and office holders, the Women's Movement, civil rights, grass roots participation, and key policy issues that have particular relevance to women.

WN 3320 Social Stratification (3)
An analysis of social stratification utilizing social class as the unit of study. The course will focus on the structure of social classes in the U.S. as a major factor influencing individual and group life chances with regards to education, crime, health, and disease, world views and life styles.

WN 3337 Human Sexuality (3)
A psychological overview of human sexuality emphasizing socio-psychological, physiological, and ethical aspects.

WN 3343 The Family (3)
A study of the family as an institution and social system, including discussions of dating and mate selection, premarital and extramarital sex, birth control, abortion, illegitimacy, family planning, spousal relationships, interracial and interfaith marriages, socialization, social control, and change.

WN 3352 US Women's History (3)
Study of women and gender in the history, politics, and culture of the United States, with an emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries.

WN 3356 Marriage and Family Today (3)
The nature of marriage as understood by the Catholic Church; the role of marriage and the family as the foundation of civil society; Natural Family Planning; and the specific social and personal challenges that married couples meet such as monogamy, fidelity, abstinence, finances, the extended family, and emotional differences.

WN 4300 Concept in Women's Studies (3)
Highlights the most important issues addressed in various disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields of study.

WN 4310 Women's Issues: Health and Science (3)
Issues can include: reproduction; mental and physical wellness; aging; medical ethics; disease and treatment protocols; women's issues in psychology. Faculty and topics can vary by semester, drawn from: Biology, Engineering, Psychology, Exercise and Sport Science, Philosophy (if concerned with medicine and science.)

WN 4320 Women's Issues: Politics, Law & Society (3)
Issues can include: marriage and family, violence and society, employment, social and political structures, education, sex discrimination, feminism, sexuality and the law, family law, and critical legal theory. Faculty and topics can vary by semester drawn from Political Science, Speech Communication, Anthropology, History, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, Languages, and the School of Law.

WN 4330 Women's Issues: History, the Arts, Literature (3)
Issues can include: art, drama, music, and literature; feminist theory; religion and spirituality; popular culture and mass media; marketing and communications careers. Faculty and topics can vary by semester drawn from English, History, Communications, Art, Music, Drama, Theology, Philosophy, and Languages.

WN 4336 Critical Inquiry in Sex and Gender (3)
A exploration of a variety of key authors and texts about gender relations are used as the basis of making a critical assessment of the need for and the adequacy of various theories of sex and gender.

WN 4340 Women's Issues: Business, Economics and International Relations (3)
Issues can include: national and global economics, women and development, corporate and business structures, the glass ceiling effect, work place discrimination, comparable worth, feminization of poverty and welfare, gender and human rights, gender and immigration law, gender and war. Faculty and topics can vary by semester drawn from: The School of Business, the School of Law, Economics, Political Science and International Relations.

WN 4350 Capstone Seminar in Women's Studies (3)
The Capstone course will include a service learning project in various fields and provide the opportunity for viable synthesis. Prerequisite: Senior Standing.

WN 4375 Internship on Women's Issue (3)
Experience-based education in the context of an acceptable pre-professional and/or gender-based or ganization or agency, to include work under a supervisor approved by the academic advisor. Ordinarily junior or senior status is preferred. It is generally recommended to obtain 3 semester hours, student must spend 10 hours per week. A research paper, tied to the internship, is also required. Students work with an academic advi sor.

WN 5330 Women Authors (3)
Cross-cultural reading of the works of women authors. Study of the development of a woman's tradition in literature, with emphasis on the themes, genre, and writing styles created by 20th Century female authors.

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