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School Dean

Janet Dizinno, Ph.D. hssdean@stmarytx.edu


Exercise and Sport Science

Department Chair

Terri Boggess, Ph.D. tboggess@stmarytx.edu

Description of Program/Major

Students interested in working in an active environment such as athletics, physical education, athletic training, fitness and personal training often choose the exercise and sport science major.

The exercise and sport science program at St. Mary's University prepares students for a broad array of careers and equips them with the academic knowledge and practical experience necessary to work in a recreational and fitness setting.

Students interested in teaching physical education and/or coaching in secondary schools often choose this major as a first or second teaching field.

Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum (SMC)
St. Mary's University Core (30 Hours)
All St. Mary's Core SMC13## "Reflection" courses must be completed before registering for SMC23## "Practice" courses. "Reflection" courses can be taken in any order followed by "Practice" courses in any order.
SMC 1301Foundations of Civilization3
SMC 1311Foundations of Reflection: Self (Formerly PL 1310)3
SMC 1312Foundations of Reflection: Nature3
SMC 1313Foundations of Reflection: Others3
SMC 1314Foundations of Reflection: God (Formerly TH 2301)3
SMC 2301Foundations of Practice: Ethics (Formerly PL 2332)3
SMC 2302Foundations of Practice: Civic Engagement and Social Action3
SMC 2303Foundations of Practice: Fine Arts and Creative Process (Formerly FA 1101, FA 1102, FA 1103)3
SMC 2304Foundations of Practice: Literature3
SMC 4301Capstone Seminar: Prospects for Community and Civilization3

School Specific Core (SSC)
School of Humanities and Social Sciences School Specific Core (30 Hours)

SpeechSE 1321 (for international students), SE 1341, SE 2333, SE 33913
Composition and Rhetoric (grade of "C" or better)EN 1311, EN 1313 (for international students)3
Mathematics MT 1301, MT 1302, MT 1303, MT 1305, MT 1306, MT 1411, MT 24123
Foreign LanguagesSix hours at the sophomore level (2311, 2312) in a Foreign Language previously studied for a minimum of one year;
Or, 6 hours of introductory level (1311, 1312) in a Foreign Language not previously studied;
Or, 12 hours of CLEP credit for a language previously studied.
HistoryAny HS courses.3
ScienceBL 1301, BL 1302, BL 3311, BL 3312, CH 1303, CH 1304, CH 1401, CH 1402, EG 2300, ES 1300, ES 1303, ES 1304, ES 1373, PY 1300, PY 1310, PY 1401, PY 14023
TheologyAdvanced Theology 33XX, HU 33033
Fine ArtsAR, DM, MU3
LiteratureEN 23XX3

Four Year Degree Plan

Department Courses and Descriptions

Department Courses and Descriptions
EX 1302 Foundation of Exercise&Sport S (3)
Historical and philosophical background of Exercise and Sport Science exam - ined as well as current career options within the discipline.

EX 1304 Spring Sports & Activities (3)
The following sports/activi ties are covered: softball, track & field, soccer, golf, tennis, outdoor education & orienteering, racquetball, weight lifting, badminton, dance.

EX 2302 Fall Sports & Activities (3)
The following sports/activities are covered: flag football, volleyball, basketball, field hockey, wrestling, archery, swimming, bowling, gymnastics.

EX 2381 Essential Elem of Human Perfor (3)
Background knowledge and practice in the basic elements of human perform - ance, health, and safety for children.

EX 2399 Topics in Exercise&Sports Scie (3)
Topics in Exercise & Sport Science (Elective credit only)

EX 3112 Selected Topics (1)
Courses under this number will address a variety of topics such as Sport Sociol - ogy, Dance, etc.

EX 3212 Selected Topics (2)
Courses under this number will address a variety of topics such as Sport Sociol - ogy, Dance, etc.

EX 3302 Preven&Care of Acti-Relat Inju (3)
The relationship of proper conditioning and protective equipment to injury pre - vention is stressed. Basic First-aid instruction and taping techniques are covered.

EX 3304 Biomechanics of Human Movement (3)
Study of the inter-relationships of structure and function in the living being. Study of the physics of motion of the human being with emphasis placed on the forces produced by the acting upon the human body. Prerequisite: BL 3420 Anat - omy.

EX 3306 Current Issues in Exercise&Spo (3)
Addresses topics such as working with special populations, legal issues, ethical decision-making (e.g., use of steroids, drug-testing of athletes, women in sports).

EX 3308 Tests and Measurements (3)
Study of performance tests in exercise and sport science including history, statis - tics, practice in making and giving tests, scoring and interpreting, grading and evaluation.

EX 3312 Selected Topics (3)
Courses under this number will address a variety of topics such as Sport Sociol - ogy, Dance, etc.

EX 3376 Human Anatomy&Physio of Exer (3)
Basic concepts of the structure and function of the human body, as related to exer - cise.

EX 4208 Coaching Practicum (2)
Students desiring a more intensive study of coaching may register for an intern - ship from the following: football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer and track & field.

EX 4301 Wellness (3)
Study of lifetime fitness and wellness. Topics covered include nutrition, cardio - vascular health and wellness, stress management, body composition, substance abuse, lifestyle management, and other pertinent topics. Students will design cur - riculum materials which incorporate these areas as well as practice teaching les - sons in the topical areas.

EX 4304 Advanced Principles of Exercis (3)
Organization and administration of effective programs. Assessment of individual needs and planning for instruction to meet those needs; program evaluation.

EX 4310 Internship in Recreation&Fitns (3)
(Open to sen iors only) This course supplements academic work by providing stu - dents with practical career experience in the areas of Recreation and Fitness Man - agement.

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