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School Dean

Aaron M. Tyler, Ph.D.


Computer Science

Program Director

Carol Luckhardt Redfield, Ph.D.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission into St. Mary's University Graduate School, you will need to submit the following (along with application):

  • (2) Letters of Recommendation
  • (2) Official Transcripts reflecting your degree earned.
  • Official GRE or GMAT Scores
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS (international students only
  • Financial Guarantee (international students only)

Program Specific Admission Requirements

Admission is granted to those with high promise for success in graduate study. Applicants demonstrate this potential through previous academic records, testing, certification and work performance. Some talented undergraduates may want to apply to our combined BA/BS+MS program where a student can take up to 12 credit hours of graduate work while completing an undergraduate degree. Those students may take the GRE anytime before the first semester after completing the undergraduate degree.


To be considered for admission to this master's program, applicants should have typing, word processing (Microsoft Word equivalent), and computer programming (any high-level language) skills in addition to the following prerequisites:
  • Calculus with a C or better
  • Programming classes including data structures with a C or better
  • One other technology-related class
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 out of a possible 4.0 in a bachelor's degree
  • Minimum Graduate Record Exam quantitative score of 143 or better (480 on tests prior to 2011), or a minimum GMAT score of 334
  • For international students, minimum TOEFL score of at least 80 on the Internet-based test or IELTS test with a score of 5.0 or better. Some students may be required to take an English class for graduate international students as part of their degree plan.
  • Completed application form with
    • written statement of purpose indicating interest and objective
    • two letters of recommendation
    • official transcripts of all college-level work
Applicants for other disciplines or lacking specific classes may be admitted with the provision that they take the prerequisite courses selected by the graduate program director on an individual basis. Some of these prerequisites may be fulfilled by work certification or previous experience. Applicants that fail to meet any of the above standards may be admitted on a conditional basis.

International Students

Please note that for students from outside of the United States, completed applications must be in the Graduate Admissions office at least 6 weeks before classes begin to be considered for that semester. GRE and English proficiency scores must be at St. Mary's before an application can be reviewed, and if accepted, an I20 can be issued. International students may be required to be evaluated by English department faculty and may be required to take English classes so that the students can be successful in our classes.

Our students should have their own laptop computers that they bring to class and a printer at their home. To be compatible with St. Mary's computer systems, check the characteristics of other notebooks computers.

Degree Requirements

Computer Science (33hrs)

Course # Course Title Hours
Computer Science Core (15hrs):
CS6310Systems Analysis & Design3
CS6320Files & Databases3
CS6330Advanced Network & Data-Communications3
CS6340Advanced Software Engineering3
CS6350Hardware & Operating Systems3
Computer Science Electives (9hrs):
CS6315Artificial Intelligence3
CS6325Computer Graphics3
CS6375Special Topics in Computer Science *(May be taken more than once with different topic)3
Engineering Electives (9 hrs):
Any three 3-credit hour EG classes for which the pre-requisites are met.
Total hours33

Department Courses and Descriptions

Department Courses and Descriptions
CS 6310 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design (3)
Concepts, methods and techniques used in the analysis and design of information systems. Student will complete projects using the techniques in practice.

CS 6320 File and Database Systems (3)
Development and application of databases with emphasis on topologies, normalization, and queries.

CS 6330 Advanced Network and Data Communication (3)
Introduction to intra- and inter-computer communications concepts and methodology. Issues include topologies, error detection and correction, LAN, ISO models, and protocols.

CS 6340 Advanced Software Engineering (3)
Modern methods of software design development and implementation. Emphasis is placed on application system generators and very high level programming languages. Prerequisite: CS 6310, proficiency in high-level programming language.

CS 6350 Hardware and Operating Systems (3)
Introduction to different types of computer hardware and operating systems software at both the microcomputer and large system level.

CS 6185, CS 6252, CS 6385 Internship (1, 2 or 3)
An experiential, practical applications approach to advanced computer science topics through work in a leading computer company or organization and the academic needs of the graduate CS/CIS programs. Consent of the Graduate Program Director is required.

CS 6315 Artificial Intelligence (3)
An advanced study into the area of artificial intelligence including topics such as expert systems, intelligent tutoring systems, robotics, search and gaming, predicate calculus, learning theories, and natural language processing.

CS 6325 Computer Graphics (3)
An advanced study into the development and implementation of computer graphics. The course may cover topics such as windowing, shearing, transformations, fractals, shading, and animation.

CS 6375 Special Topics in Computer Science (3)
A seminar based approach to advanced computer science topics. Topics may include areas such as computer security, game development, modeling and simulation, Internet programming and e-learning. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Consent of the Graduate Program Director is required for the Research section.

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