Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Programs

The Graduate School offers 12 Combined Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs offering undergraduate students the opportunity to begin graduate studies during their senior year. All interested and qualified students must apply during their junior year and, if accepted, begin their graduate studies as "Conditionally Accepted" graduate students. The conditional status is lifted and regular status conferred upon the student completing his or her undergraduate work. Students are limited to taking no more than 12 graduate hours during their senior year and, for financial aid purposes, are charged the undergraduate tuition fixed rate for all work undertaken during this year. This tuition scholarship is applicable to no more than the first 12 hours of graduate study regardless of whether the student has completed all required hours toward their Bachelor's Degree. If the student takes more than the allotted 12 graduate hours during their senior year, which can only be accomplished with special permission of the Graduate Director and Dean, then the student will be charged the graduate credit hourly rate for the excess hours. Also, once the student is admitted as a regular graduate student and is taking solely graduate courses then they will be charged at the graduate tuition rate. All university discounts and scholarships are also in effect.

The combined degree program does not allow for "double counting" of credit hours. The student must complete all required hours for both the undergraduate as well as the Master's Degree. Each student participating in this program must complete all hours required to obtain their Bachelor's as well as their Master's Degree. For instance, if the undergraduate program in a specific discipline requires that the student must complete 128 hours to obtain their Bachelor's Degree and 36 hours to obtain their Master's Degree then they must complete all hours for both degrees for a grand total of 164 hours.

Below is a list of the currently approved Combined Degree programs. Students wishing to pursue a combined degree should consult with the Program Director of the specific program.
  • BA/MA Communications Studies
  • BA/MA English Literature and Language
  • BA/MA International Relations
  • BA/MA Political Science
  • BA/MPA Public Administration
  • BS/MS Computer Science
  • BS/MS Computer Information Systems
  • BS/MS Electrical Engineering
  • BS/MS Engineering Management Systems
  • BS/MS Industrial Engineering
  • BS/MS Software Engineering
  • BBA/MBA (4 + 1 Program) Business and Administration
For more information in eligibility and requirements, contact Graduate School Admission at (210) 436-3101 or email