Student Services

Graduate School

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the University community with high quality technology infrastructure and services in support of its mission to prepare and educate leaders of tomorrow's world. Students coming to St. Mary's University are asked to bring a lap top to campus. All student dorms provide Internet access to residents. Over 80% (58/68) of classrooms are equipped with projection and Internet access, and approximately 1/3 of the classrooms are wired for student connectivity. We support a Web-based course management system allowing students access to course materials, communicating with instructors and fellow students, and submission of coursework and assignments. Wireless access is available in all open areas such as the library, the university center, and Java City. The academic library houses a student computer lab containing 36 Dell desktop computers and two HP LaserJet printers. Various departments and programs support their own specialized computer labs with software tools for students to use.

ITS provides computing support to students, staff, and faculty with its Help Desk staffed with capable and friendly professionals. Additionally, at Academic Media Center, located on the first floor of the library, students can receive training on various applications, check out audio-video equipment for their classes and on-campus activities, or use multimedia stations to develop contents and presentations.

Academic Advising

Statement of Philosophy

Consistent with the "Statement of Mission for St. Mary's University", the primary purpose of the academic advising program is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans which help shape their values and life goals. Academic advisers assist students by promoting a freshman through senior year academic advising plan, which encourages student participation in career exploration. Academic advising is a continuous process of clarification and evaluation. Academic advisers assist in this process by helping students to identify and assess alternatives and the consequences of their decisions. However, students are ultimately responsible for making decisions about their life goals and educational plans.

Students are advised by a faculty member of their declared academic major. If students have not declared a major, they are advised by a faculty member of the School in which they have an interest in exploring educational opportunities. Undeclared major students are assigned a new academic adviser when they declare a major.

The academic advising program emphasizes the student-adviser relationship. All students are required to meet with their academic adviser every semester during their Priority Advising days and are encouraged to seek their adviser's assistance throughout the academic year.

Library and Instructional Services

Library and Instructional Services, including the Louis J Blume Library, Academic Imaging and Media Center, and Learning Assistance Center were created to combine all those academic support services which facilitate and enhance individual and group instruction. The individual components of Library and Instructional Services have unique purposes and functions which are listed below:

Academic Library

The Louis J. Blume Library, one of the most attractive and functional academic library buildings in the southwest, offers a wide variety of facilities in print and non-print media. The three-story Texas colonial style building, designed to be used for both individual and group study and research, contains 100,000 square feet of floor space with a seating capacity for 1,200 students. Facilities include 100 individual and group study carrels, designed for laptop computer use, and the university's primary student-use computer lab. The library provides access to online full-text and abstracting databases of journals and books, as well as more than 500,000 print and microform volumes. The Louis J. Blume Library has been a selective depository of U.S. and Texas documents since 1964. Access to information about and the full-text of much of the information is available 24 hours each day via the library's online systems and through the university's computer networks. Librarians in the Louis J. Blume Library provide instruction and workshops in library use, much of it tailored to individual classes, and a full range of reference services.

Academic Media Center

The Academic Media Center (AMC) located on the ground floor of the Louis J. Blume Library serves students and faculty in the development of mediated instruction and learning. AMC is part of ITS division reporting under Academic Technology Services. AMC provides tutorials and workshops in web development, mediated presentations, video and photographic media for academic work. The AMC media professionals assist students with the development of instructional materials, in cooperation with the faculty, for classroom use. The Center is responsible for maintaining audio visual equipment such as laptops, flip cameras, projectors, and screens for student use. The AMC also delivers audio visual equipment to traditional classrooms, for training in its use, and for maintenance. The AMC provides several computer labs with a wide array of media software for student use and a 52-seat MediaView Room.

Learning Assistance Center

Located in the Louis J. Blume Library, the Learning Assistance Center serves St. Mary's University by providing instructional resources for students, staff, and faculty in a learner-oriented environment. The LAC offers tutorial support and group work in the following academic areas: accounting, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, English, engineering, foreign languages, mathematics, physics and statistics. website

The Center also supports students needing individualized instruction in English as a Second Language. The Writing Center, housed in the LAC, gives students the opportunity to work with peer-tutors on any writing task from prewriting to finished paper. For students who wish to work independently, the LAC provides programmed instruction, audio/visual materials, computer software and an extensive learning library with textual resources in all subjects.

United Colleges of San Antonio

In 1970, the governing boards of the University of the Incarnate Word, Our Lady of the Lake University, St. Mary's University of San Antonio, and Oblate School of Theology adopted an agreement to develop and maintain a cooperative enterprise for undergraduate and graduate learning in San Antonio. The institutions cooperate with each other through a central coordinating body.

Professional Development Programs/Continuing Studies

Professional Development Programs are designed for the individual in today's society which requires lifelong education. St. Mary's University provides public service programs that are designed to fulfill these lifelong learning opportunities. These noncredit programs are geared to support a specific target population and are developed for the individual who seeks to improve his/her current competencies. They are also developed for those entering a new field, for career enhancement and for retraining. Some examples of some of the certificate programs currently being offered are: Interior Design, Fashion Design, Microsoft Certification Programs, Intensive English Programs, and others. Programs are offered as a certificate program or for required CEU (Continuing Education Unit) in a specific field. Courses for which the CEU is awarded meet the national CEU criteria. All programs are under the sponsorship of an academic unit of the University and require registration and evaluation of participants. They are taught by qualified instructors who are working professionals and who are directly involved in planning each program. Programs are regularly updated to meet the changing needs in each field. Program information and registration requirements may be obtained at the Office of Professional Development Programs/Continuing Studies by calling 210-436-3321

Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a college preparatory program for high school students who possess strong academic potential. Upward Bound provides (1) academic skill development, (2) counseling and guidance with respect to educational and career opportunities, (3) tutorial services and (4) a comprehensive enrichment program including fieldtrips which stimulate the intellectual, social and cultural development of students. Enrollment is limited to eighty-five students. Participants must attend one of the five target high schools and meet the eligibility criteria determined by the U.S. Department of Education.

CANDAX-ME McNair Scholars Program

The McNair Scholars is a program for undergraduates in order to encourage and assist low-income, first generation students and students from underrepresented groups to continue their studies in graduate school, particularly in academic doctoral programs leading to a Ph.D. During the academic year, McNair scholars will learn about the various aspects of graduate school. A smaller group of McNair scholars will be selected to attend a 8-week summer research internship at the University of Notre Dame, where students perform Faculty Directed Research. Participants must meet the eligibility criteria determined by the U.S. Department of Education.

Veterans Affairs

The VA Certifying Official serves as the liaison between the Department of Veterans Affairs and students of St. Mary's participating in a VA educational training program. The VA Certifying Official at St. Mary's is the training institution's representative responsible for completing all paperwork necessary to certify the enrollment and changes in enrollment for students eligible for VA benefits. All students applying for VA education benefits must complete the request for VA enrollment certification form every semester. VA students are responsible for notifying the VA Certifying Official of changes in their enrollment status. The VA Certifying Official is located in the Office of Financial Assistance.

Serviceman's Opportunity College (SOC)

St. Mary's University is one of the four-year institutions of higher learning in Texas to be designated as a Serviceman's Opportunity College (SOC). SOC provides service personnel an opportunity to pursue educational programs through a variety of traditional and nontraditional means – on-campus and on-base -- in a variety of instructional modes and at times appropriate to their duty assignments. The service is particularly appropriate for the military-service personnel who wish to combine military service with a college education. St. Mary's will provide initiating services such as pre-college counseling, deferred admission, program planning, records of student's work taken during service time and continuing advisement. For further information on this program, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

New Student Orientation

All new students are expected to participate in the New Student Orientation Program. This program assists freshmen in making the transition from high school to university life, and facilitates the transfer of other new students from their previous college to St. Mary's University. Orientation helps students to understand the academic requirements, assists in career exploration, and helps them become acquainted with their fellow students, faculty and staff members. Students are introduced to available services, the advising and registration process, as well as the holistic educational philosophy of St. Mary's University. Parents are encouraged to participate in the Parent Orientation portion of the program. In June, residence accommodations are available for students and parents during the Orientation weekends.

Academic Convocation

All new freshman students are required to participate in this academic ceremony. Academic Convocation will welcome and empower new students to experience fully the academic opportunities that a university education includes at St. Mary's University.

International Student Services

International Student Services serves as a point of contact for international students at St. Mary's University from pre-arrival through post completion of their studies. Immigration services include issuing Form I-20AB needed to obtain an F-1 student visa, recommending and authorizing practical training, and maintaining student information in SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System), the government database. Other services include international orientation, serving as a liaison between international students and other campus offices, help obtaining a Social Security Number and Texas Identification card, and offering workshops and cultural events specifically for International Students.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life at St. Mary's University is a component of the Student Development Division and is shaped by Marianist traditions. Residence Life provides residence halls that are communities which develop students' life skills and personal responsibility and serve as transitional environments to future roles and service to society.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is an outpatient primary health care clinic located on the first floor of Charles Francis Hall. The clinic is staffed by a board-certified Family Practice physician and a certified physician assistant. All currently enrolled students of St. Mary's University are eligible to receive care at the Student Health Center. Spouses and children of enrolled students must seek care outside of the Student Health Center. Graduating students from St. Mary's University should begin the process of seeking a primary care physician in the community at least 30 days prior to graduation so that there is no interruption in patient care.

Student Judicial Affairs

St. Mary's University's approach to student conduct and behavior is educational rather than punitive. All students matriculating at St. Mary's University are expected to conduct themselves as responsible adults and are held accountable for their behavior.

Judicial authority is vested in the Office of the Vice President for Student Development. The Vice President for Student Development is the principle officer designated by the University for all non-academic discipline and the Vice President for Academic Affairs is the principle office designated by the University for all academic discipline. The Vice President for Student Development has designated the Dean of Students and Judicial Affairs to administer the University's non-academic policies as listed in all University publications including the Student Handbook, here the Code of Student Conduct is out lined.

The Student Conduct Committee assists the Dean of Students and Judicial Affairs in establishing policies for standards of conduct and serves as a formal hearing board for discipline cases.

Student Psychological and Testing Center


The Student Psychological and Testing Center offers personal, academic skill building and career counseling for St. Mary's students. The Center is staffed by psychologists and a marriage and family therapist. Psychiatric consultation for medication is available on-site. Students are encouraged to talk with the staff about any concerns that interfere with their progress at the University or their personal effectiveness. The focus in sessions is on assisting students with developmental issues, reduction of symptoms, making positive decisions and implementing changes.

The center offers individual, couples', group, and psychiatric services. Issues handled by the Center range from situational problems such as adjustment to college to ongoing problems such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues, family of origin issues or abuse issues. Crisis intervention is available on a 24- hour basis when the university is in session and can be reached by contacting Campus Police at X3330 after hours. Psycho educational, career, and personality assessment is also available at the Center to aid students in understanding themselves and being successful in their academic career. Groups, workshops and outreach programs are offered to help students build needed skills to succeed.

The Student Psychological and Testing Center is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm on week days and is located in the Center for Life Directions building. All services are confidential to the extent allowed by law, and no record of services is entered on a student's transcript. The services of the Student Psychological and Testing Center are free of charge to students (with the exception of most testing programs). Students may make an appointment by calling (210) 436- 3135. Faculty and staff who desire counseling services should schedule an appointment through the Employee Assistance Program.

Services for Students with Disabilities

St. Mary's University ensures accessibility to its programs, classes, services and activities to all qualified individuals with documented disabilities. This is accomplished through a variety of accommodations and services tailored to meet each individual's strengths and needs. If you are a student with a disability who wishes to be considered for disability related accommodations and services, please contact the Coordinator of Disability Support Services at 210-436-3135.

Testing Services

Testing Services offers a wide variety of testing opportunities, including admissions testing for the Admission and Evening Studies offices, THEA testing for the Teacher Education Dept., Information Technology Proficiency testing, and placement testing during the various Orientations held throughout the year. It also serves as a national test center for a variety of programs, including CLEP, DANTES, SAT, ACT, Praxis, PCAT, LSAT, and MPRE, as well as many professional licensure and certification tests, including TCLEOS testing for law enforcement personnel. For more information about testing offered through Resting Services, call (210) 436-3135.

The Testing Services also offers computer-based testing (as part of the ProMetric testing net work). This option gives students greater flexibility in test scheduling, as well as immediate score reporting in many instances. Tests now available through the Prometric Center include the GRE, and TOEFL, as well as many professional licensure and certification exams, including CPA, medical boards, and Texas Department of Insurance. The fees for testing are set by the sponsoring agency or organization and vary by test. The Prometric CBT Center is open six days per week, with a variety of testing times available. Additional information can be obtained by calling (210) 431-5080.

Campus Recreation Programs

Campus Recreation provides students the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle and explore recreational interests through a variety of programs, facilities, and services. The Intramural Sports Program offers students a variety of events annually with leagues, tournaments, and one-day events in men's, women's, and co-recreational divisions. Group fitness and water aerobic classes are offered daily. Informational programs and student trainers are available to assist students with fitness equipment. Indoor rock climbing is an exciting and fun alternative to traditional exercise, the indoor climbing wall is a simulated rock formation affixed with numerous hand and foot holds that provides mental & physical challenges to build strength, endurance, and self-confidence. A popular activity among students, the 40 ft. climbing wall is a unique experience that offers novice to advance climbing routes, an artificial crevice, and a 45 degree overhang.

Student Publication

The school newspaper, The Rattler, is the key student publication. The Student Publications Board under the supervision of the Dean of Students, cooperates with the student editors and staff adviser of all publications in order to maintain the highest journalistic standards.

Student Identification Cards

During the registration processes each student is responsible for obtaining a Rattler Identification Card from the Student Life Office. The Rattler card is necessary for participating in student activities, elections, for purchasing student tickets to athletic and cultural events, for checking out books from St. Mary's library and other college libraries, for use in the Registrar's Office, the Business Office, Bookstore, for use as a meal card in the Dining Facilities, as well as other official uses by the University. All students are required to carry their identification while on campus and must present it upon the request of any University official. ID cards are billed to all first time enrollees. Lost ID cards will be processed for a fee of $10.00.

Recognized Student Organizations

The University provides students with the means necessary to develop leadership in student, academic, social, and professional organizations. Membership in these organizations provides opportunities for developing the qualities expected of college graduates. The procedure for official University recognition of student groups is outlined in the Student Organization website.

Intercollegiate Athletic Programs

St. Mary's University participates in intercollegiate athletic programs for men and women, designed to assist in the over-all development of students. Varsity athletic teams at St. Mary's are rich in history and tradition. School colors are gold and blue and the team name is the Rattlers. St. Mary's is a member of the Heartland Conference, the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II. St. Mary's teams participate in baseball, basketball, golf, soccer and tennis for men; and basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, golf, and cross country for women, and cheerleading for men and women. The Bill Greehey Arena is the home of the basketball and volleyball Rattlers while V.J. Keefe Field, one of the finest collegiate baseball stadiums in the country, is the home of the baseball team. St. Mary's University has four national champions: The 1986 and 2002 women's softball team, 1989 men's basketball team, and the 2001 baseball team.

University Ministry

The mission of University Ministry at St. Mary's University is to assist the University's efforts to provide opportunities for all its members to develop the intellectual, moral, and spiritual principles needed for leading value and God centered lives. Although this is done within the Catholic and Marianist traditions, the University seeks to unite all persons on campus at their deepest level of religious consciousness, and to enrich them through a genuine ecumenical sharing. University Ministry, staffed by religious and laity, fosters a spirit of community and faith. We provide opportunities to strengthen one's spiritual life and, in collaboration with other departments, encourage community members to respond to the needs of others through the celebration of the Eucharist and other Sacraments, prayer, community service, social justice programming, service immersion experiences, pastoral counseling, retreats, Small Faith-Sharing Communities, spiritual direction, faith formation and other activities. The Eucharist is offered daily when classes are in session and on Sundays in the University Chapels. Special all-school Masses and smaller liturgies and prayer services are interspersed throughout the year. The Chapels are open daily for private prayer.

All members of St. Mary's Community are invited to participate in liturgical ministries, retreat planning, Bible study, Sacramental preparation, community service projects, faith sharing groups, and much more. We also welcome the participation of faculty, staff as well as students and Alumni as part of our team effort to integrate a growing sense of ministry and service into the total experience of our academic community.

Civic Engagement and Career Development Center

The Civic Engagement and Career Development Center supports the University mission by providing holistic, strategic and innovative services and programs that challenge and support students to succeed in their career development while serving and engaging in their communities in which they reside and beyond. The Center places emphasis on the importance of becoming life-long active and engaged citizens who use their education and experience to make a difference.

Civic engagement, as a part of a Catholic and Marianist education, encompasses the moral development of the whole person through service, as well as skills, leadership and knowledge needed to build community and work to resolve public problems for the common good.

The phrase "civic engagement" is used throughout scholarly literature to describe actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern. Some of the activities that regularly occur at St. Mary's and serve as a portal to civic engagement include: service-learning course instruction; ongoing volunteer efforts; immersion trips; and student involvement in programs such as the Marianist Leadership Program, the WINGS (Workers Invested in Knowledge and Growth throughout Service) initiative and Continuing the Heritage.

Similarly, the programs and services offered to assist students in their career exploration and planning are designed to move them through the developmental stages of investigation, preparation and maintenance of a successful career and are enhanced by their civic engagement experiences.

The staff work with students to discuss majors and career path options, to explore experiential opportunities such as job shadowing, volunteering, internships, and part-time employment, as well as to execute a successful job search or graduate school admissions process. The goal of educating students on making employment choices that best fit them as individuals and lead to productive and meaningful careers remains a core element of our mission.

The Civic Engagement and Career Development Center will work in partnership with faculty and staff, as well as external agencies and employers, to assist students at all stages of their development and to provide them with the opportunities, training, and education needed to succeed as active, informed and engaged citizens.

The Service Learning Center

Founded in 1994, and inspired by the Catholic and Marianist tradition of the University, the Service Learning Center assists the entire university community in fulfilling its mission of extending service to society. In particular, the Center challenges and supports students through the service learning experiences the Center develops.

These curricular and co-curricular experiences engage students in direct service work with the community, addressing systemic and recurrent social problems in their neighborhoods, and around the world. By involving these students in critical reflection on today's complex social realities, students further their academic knowledge, as well as develop life skills and a sense of compassion. This is the Center's role in the University's aspiration that students become responsible citizens and instruments of peace and justice. There are a number of service learning experiences that the Center develops, including: supporting Service Learning courses throughout the University, coordinating service projects for local direct service agencies, conducting service immersion trips within the city and throughout the world, supporting the Marianist Leadership Program, and co-sponsoring the Non-Profit Career Fair and the creation of the San Antonio Service Learning Intercollegiate Collaborative. The Service Learning Center sponsors intensive service and educational programs that center on a single issue for various lengths of time, from a weekend, to a week, to an entire summer.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has stated that "in the Catholic tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue; participation in the political process is a moral obligation" (Faithful Citizen ship: Civic Responsibility for a New Millennium). The Service Learning Center, through its programs that shape students through their interactions with the larger community, teaches them how to become more responsible citizens. The Center also helps to fulfill the mission of the University by assisting the faculty of the University in their efforts to provide a quality education to students, and in their efforts to contribute to the urgent task of extending justice, freedom and dignity to all people.

Marianist Leadership Program

Funded by the Marianist Trust and administered by the Service Learning Center, the Marianist Leadership Program is dedicated to scholastic excellence and the development of the student as a leader through service and spirituality. The Catholic Marianist Spirituality guides members of the program through the development of lifelong habits by integrating faith and culture through leadership and service activities within the university and civic communities. Applications are accepted for entering freshmen, transferring and current students as allowed by current membership size. All majors are considered.