About the Catalog

The St. Mary's University Graduate Catalog online is the comprehensive single source of University-wide information related to academic programs, course descriptions, degree programs, and policies that govern progress towards completion of an Graduate degree. On many subjects, more detailed information is available from school and department webpages for various programs and services. Students should seek information from these sources as needed.

The Graduate Catalog is available exclusively online; printed copies are not available.

The catalog is organized into the following sections:

Search Programs

A search interface is provided for searching programs.

About Graduate School

This section contains general, as well as historical information about the University.


This section contains introductory information pertaining to admission process and philosophy.

Financial Planning

This section contains introductory information concerning tuition, payments, and financial aid.

Academic Policies and Procedures

This section includes current University academic policies: graduation requirements, grade appeal, academic integrity, change of major, grades, and other policies that bear directly on progress towards completion of an Graduate degree.

Student Services

This section includes information on services available to students.

Master's Programs

Programs are organized alphabetically. For each program the following information is provided:
  • Academic year for the program
  • School name for the program
  • School dean's name and e-mail for the program
  • Department name for the program
  • Program Director name and e-mail for the program
  • Admission Requirements
  • Degree requirements
  • Department courses and descriptions
  • Department faculty website link
  • Department website link

PDF Versions

This section contains menu links to PDF versions of the Graduate Catalog.

Downloading and Printing Catalog Pages

  • Program only: You can download and print a PDF for a single program by clicking on the PDF icon next to the program title.
  • Level only: You can download and print a PDF for all master's programs or all Ph.D programs.
Printing only a portion of catalog web content:
Copy the critical text that you want to print, and then paste it into another program, like Word or Notepad, and print from that program.

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The University reserves the right at any time to delete, amend, or alter any of the customs, rules, regulations, and requirements of the University, such as required courses, credit hours and weeks in resident study to graduate even though the same may not be expressly set out in this online catalog. Information contained herein is not to be regarded as creating a binding contract between the applicant or the student and the University. This disclaimer is necessitated by the fact that the Catalog is an accurate compilation of the customs, rules, regulations, and requirements of the University as of the time it is published. During the year a Catalog is in effect, the continuing responsibility of operating the school may require changes by the University administration of those customs, rules, regulations, and requirements. Students should be aware, therefore, of the need to determine the current status of any rule stated in this Catalog.