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These titles equal EXPERIENCE. Employers and Graduate/Professional Schools expect graduates to have approximately a year and a half of relevant experience prior to you joining their organization as a new employee or to join a new cohort of incoming students.

Plan out your education the right way by ensuring you make time for the experience you need prior to graduation.  Remember that the search process for jobs, internships, and volunteering can take more time than you expect (15-25 hours a week and 3 to 9 months in most searches) so start searching for internships, long-term volunteer and research opportunities in your Sophomore year.  Ensure that you attain relevant experience for approximately 2 to 3 academic semesters.  Experience gained in your field over the summer is important as well.

The entire search process can be a daunting task if done alone. Your Career and Service Advisors within the Civic Engagement and Career Development Centers can provide you with advising services and resources that will help you to achieve your goals. Advising is offered in person, or by phone or Skype consults. Set up your job, internship, or volunteer service advising appointment by stopping by the Centers within the Center for Life Directions Building or by contacting the offices at (210) 436-3102 during office hours or by email at: or


Rattler Connect is YOUR source for current jobs (part and full-time), internships, one-time and long-term service opportunities as well as events that will help you to connect with hiring managers and alumni within corporate, governmental, and non-profit industries.

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For assistance, please contact the Civic Engagement and Career Development Centers at:
(210) 436-3102 or by email at: or