Other Training Opportunities

Vanpool Program

The Vanpool Program is a system of managing a limited set of vehicles that are leased or owned by the University, and operated for the express purpose of conducting official university business.

The program is facilitated by the St. Mary’s Physical Plant Department and supervised by the Facilities Administrator.

Van Driver Training

Training is available for St. Mary’s community members who need to receive authorization and certification to drive University vehicles. Applicants must complete an application at University Police, complete a Motor Vehicle Assessment application for a driving record check with Human Resources and complete a one-hour training course.


  • Currently employed (full-time, part-time, adjunct) St. Mary’s faculty and staff, as well as graduate student assistants;
  • 25 years of age or older;
  • Possess a valid Class A, B or C Texas Driver’s License, or a Texas Commercial Driver’s License (CDL under the Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 522) and proof personal automotive insurance;
  • Possess a clear or favorable driving record for the past five (5) years.  Proof of successful completion of a certified defensive driving course is required if the applicant has received a moving violation within the past year.

Register at the University Police Department for classes held throughout the semesters.

For more information contact Sgt. Ken Schmidtling at 210-431-6755 or kschmidtling2@stmarytx.edu