Your transition to life at St. Mary’s University begins at Zaragoza, our new student orientation program. During Zaragoza, we introduce you and your family to the St. Mary’s campus community, our programs, and your classmates and their families. Most importantly, Zaragoza welcomes you as one of us.

Summer 2021 Zaragoza

The first part of your St. Mary’s orientation focuses on academics, placement testing, academic advising and class registration. You will register for one of the following one-day sessions.

  • Z1: June 14
  • Z2: June 15
  • Z3: June 16
  • Z4: August 11
  • Z5: August 12
  • Z6: August 13

Schedules are subject to change.

Before you arrive at Zaragoza

  1. Don’t forget – You must bring a photo I.D. and your St. Mary’s I.D. number with you.
  2. Check your email – Make sure you check your St. Mary’s e-mail before attending Zaragoza. Your St. Mary’s email is where you will start to receive information regarding your schedule, important information and campus events. Remember to check it often. 
  3. Dietary Needs – If you or your guest(s) have any dietary needs during Zaragoza, please fill out this form
  4. Advising Questionnaire – Be sure to complete the Advising Questionnaire. This is used by your academic adviser to create your fall schedule. You can schedule a meeting with your adviser in the Zaragoza canvas course. 
  5. Zaragoza Canvas Course – Your Zaragoza Canvas course will need to be completed before you can meet with your adviser. 
  6. Day of – Please review the Zaragoza Schedule online. 
  7. Upload – Don’t forget to upload any immunization records on Gateway.

When you arrive at Zaragoza

  • Parking – Visitors can park in Lot T and Lot H. Refer to the Campus Map for a digital version of the St. Mary’s University campus. 
  • Check-In – Zaragoza check-in begins at 8:00 a.m. in the main lobby of the Alumni Athletics & Convocation Center. You should allow 30 minutes for the check-in process. Breakfast is provided. 

After you’ve attended Zaragoza

  • Survey – We hope your experience at Zaragoza was exciting and informative. Please take a moment to help us make orientation better by completing our parent/guest evaluation.
  • Zaragoza Days – Prepare to attend Zaragoza Days on Aug. 14-16, the last three days of freshmen orientation. Attending Zaragoza Days is required for all incoming freshmen.

Zaragoza Days

Zaragoza concludes with Zaragoza Days, which takes place during the final days of summer before fall classes begin. Zaragoza Days are Aug. 14-16.

The final three days of your Zaragoza program will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 14, and are required of all incoming Freshmen students.  Zaragoza Days are packed with classes, workshops and interactive sessions — please do not plan other activities or events on August 14-16.  

Questions? Contact the Zaragoza team at or 210-436-3473.

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