Your transition to life at St. Mary’s University begins at Zaragoza, our new student orientation program. During Zaragoza, we introduce you and your family to the St. Mary’s campus community, our programs, and your classmates and their families. Most importantly, Zaragoza welcomes you as one of us.

The first part of your St. Mary’s orientation focuses on academics, placement testing, academic advising and class registration. You will register for one of the following one-day sessions.

  • Z1: June 14
  • Z2: June 15
  • Z3: June 16
  • Z4: August 11
  • Z5: August 12
  • Z6: August 13
Summer 2021 Zaragoza

Zaragoza concludes with Zaragoza Days, which takes place during the final days of summer before fall classes begin. This year, Zaragoza Days fall on August 14-16.

This event acclimates you to our campus community, our mission and student policies as you begin your academic study at St. Mary’s.

Zaragoza Days before Fall 2021

Zaragoza and Zaragoza Days are required for all new freshmen. Registration for Zaragoza 2021 opens on Monday, May 3.

Questions? Contact the Zaragoza team at or 210-436-3473.

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