LeaderShape Testimonials

“LeaderShape was an eye-opening experience. It made me realize that my vision of the world may be possible by taking initiative and through with the help of my community. Even though this experience was not easy, it helped me gain confidence in myself and meet one of the most insightful individuals I will always look up to. I am proud to say that I now strive to live a life of integrity, consciousness and action.”

- Jose E. Galvan
Political Science and Sociology

“LeaderShape is an empowering experience in which you learn that dreams aren’t just fantasies but rather the motor to start your own reality.”

- Anahi Covarrubias

“LeaderShape has helped me see that I have always possessed the ability to be leader, I just have to stop doubting my potential and lead with integrity.”

- Jessica Solis

“LeaderShape is in perfect harmony with the St. Mary’s tradition of involvement and social justice in the community. I truly hope that St. Mary’s continues to support the LeaderShape conference; the ripple effects just might change the world.”

- Vivian Esparza
English-Communication Arts

“Regardless of who attends LeaderShape or how many years you’ve held a leadership position, you will gain an insight on leadership you never knew you needed.”

- Rachel Kellar