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Tuition and Fees for 2017-2018


Undergraduate Tuition Rates 2017-2018
Undergraduate Tuition (full-time, 12-18 hours) $14,295 per semester
Combined Five-year Program (undergraduate/graduate, 12-18 hours) $14,295 per semester
Undergraduate Tuition (part-time or hours greater than 18) $890 per hour
Graduate and Ph.D. Tuition Rates 2017-2018
Graduate Tuition $900 per hour
Graduate Ph.D. Tuition $900 per hour


Required Student Fees – 2017-2018
Academic Assessment Fee*
(undergraduate and graduate)
$25 per semester
Student Activity Fee**
(undergraduate, graduate, law, Ph.D., full-time)
$320 per semester
Student Activity Fee**
(undergraduate, graduate, law, Ph.D., part-time)
$165 per semester
Summer Student Activity Fee**
(undergraduate, graduate, law, Ph.D., full-time)
$160 per semester
Summer Student Activity Fee**
(undergraduate, graduate, law, Ph.D., part-time)
$80 per semester
Study Abroad Grant Fund Fee*** $10 per semester

*Academic Assessment Fee is for standardized tests and survey instruments, individual student assessment in the academic major, and assessment instruments used for academic and career advising.

**Student Activity Fee partially supports a wide variety of professional services and organizations available to all St. Mary’s students. These include: Student Health Center, Student Psychological and Testing Services, Career Services, the Dean of Students and Student Life, Campus Recreation and the following student organizations: Student Government Association, Student Bar Association, The Rattler student newspaper, and the University Programming Council. Students receive free admission to athletic events (other than conference playoffs) and most concerts, lectures and drama productions.

***Study Abroad Grant Fee is used to provide financial support for undergraduate students seeking to participate in a variety of study abroad experiences to include semester programs, international immersion programs, and international business, government, and non-government organization internships.

  • Course Fees

    Lab Equipment Use, Expendable Materials and Field Trips
    Art 1301, 1302, 1311, 2361, 2362 $10
    Art (all other art courses) $20
    Biology 1301, 1302 $55
    Biology (all other lab courses) $75
    Chemistry 1401, 1402 $55
    Chemistry (all other lab courses) $75
    Computer Science Major (per semester) $30
    Criminal Justice/Criminology 3330 $20
    Criminology 3338 $60
    Communication Studies 3361 $15
    Communications Studies 3381, 3385 $30
    DAT Preparatory Course (fall only) $1,200
    Drama 1311 $7
    Drama 3161, 3331, 3381, 4191, 4362 $12
    Drama 1302, 2352 $20
    Earth Science 1300, 1303, 1304, 1373, 3303 (field trips) $35
    Earth Science 1100 (lab) $35
    Earth Science 2325, 2330, 3360, 3335, 3340, 3365 $45
    Earth Science 3325 $35
    Earth Science 3300 $55
    Education 3321W, 3341W, 3350W, 3361, 3362W $25
    Education 3345W, 4351 $12
    Education 4639, 4689 (student teaching) $30
    Engineering Major (per semester) $75
    English-Communication Arts 4360, 4361, 4362, 4363, 4363 $50
    Forensic Science 3401 $75
    GRE Prep Course Fee (fall only) $725
    Jump Start Program Fee (on-campus) $925
    Jump Start Program Fee (off-campus) $825
    LSAT Review Course Fee (fall only) $1,050
    Marriage and Family Therapy Major (per year) $42
    Modern Languages: Arabic, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish $30
    MCAT Review Course Fee (fall only) $1,500
    Music (rental of school-owned instruments) $25
    Music (private lessons) $890
    Political Science 3360 MOAS (fall only) $20
    Physics 1401, 1402, 1404, 2404, 3101, 3102 $35
    Physics 3113, 3114 $45
    Physics 3125 $45
    Psychology 3381 $20
    Psychology 3381 $20
    Psychology 3383W, 3385* $30
    Sociology 4383W $20
    Sociology 3381 $30
    Speech 3361W* $15
    Speech 3381, 3385 $30

    Fees are per course, per semester unless otherwise indicated.

  • Housing Fees

    Residence Hall Rates Per Semester 2017-2018
    Residence Hall Bath Style Single Rate Double Rate
    Adele Private  $3,465
    Chaminade Suite $3,465
    Leies Private $3,110
    Treadaway Community $2,620
    Founders Suite/Private $3,345
    Frederick Private $3,110
    Cremer Private $3,110
    Dougherty Suite $3,110
    Flores Private PENDING
    Donohoo Private $3,110
    Lourdes Private $3,110
    Marian Suite $3,110
    Périgueux Hall  Private $3,700
    Maymester in Treadaway  Community $250
    Summer Sessions in Treadaway  Community $600 per session

    Visit the living on campus section for more information about housing options.

  • Meal plan fees
  • Meal plan fees

    Undergraduate residential students are required to select and purchase a meal plan as a part of their Housing Application. Residential students may choose between the Rattler 5 and the Rattler 7 meal plan options.

    Residential Student Meal Plan Options — 2017-2018
    Meal Plan Cost per semester (includes tax)
    Rattler 5 Meal Plan $1,800
    Rattler 7 Meal Plan $2,050

    Graduate, law and commuter students may choose to enroll in a plan, but it is optional. For more information on St. Mary’s Dining Services and descriptions of meal plans visit the Campus Dish.

    Commuter Student Meal Plan Options — 2017-2018
    Plan Cost per semester (includes tax)
    Value Meal Plan 55 $477
    Value Meal Plan 25 $350
    Dining Dollar Plan (400 points) $440
    Summer Student Meal Plan — 2017-2018
    Plan Cost per session (includes tax)
    Dining Dollars Summer Meal Plan (544 points) (optional) $600 per session

  • General Fees

    Bookstore Accounts
    Bookstore Account Charge (undergraduate full-time) $650 per semester
    Bookstore Account Charge (undergraduate part-time) $300 per semester
    Bookstore Account Charge (law full-time) $800 per semester
    Bookstore Account Charge (law part-time) $400 per semester

    Bookstore waivers can be requested through the Business Office. Note: We reserve the right to close a bookstore account at any time due to nonpayment and/or lack of financial arrangements with the Business Office.


    Parking Permits
    Starting Fall Semester (effective August 2017 – August 2018) $135
    Starting Spring Semester (effective January 2018 – August 2018) $90
    Starting Summer Term (effective May 2018 – August 2018) $45

    Note: Parking Permit charges will be assessed during the term in which students receive the permit.


    Health Insurance
    Domestic student $996 per semester
    International student $996 per semester
    Domestic student (Summer 2018) $372 (May 29–Aug. 5)
    International student (Summer 2018) $372 (May 29–Aug. 5)

    *Rates are tentative and subject to change.

    For additional information on the St. Mary’s University student health insurance benefit plan enrollment or waiver processes, please visit

    Other Fees
    Late Registration (after 100% tuition refund period) $150 per semester
    ID (new ID and replacement ID) $10
    Late Payment $200 per semester
    Installment Late Payment Fee $50 per month
    Returned Check $50 per occurrence
    Stop Payment $50 per occurrence
    New Student Orientation (Undergraduate) $160 (first semester only)
    Maintaining Matriculation (Grad/Ph.D.) $25 per semester
    Official Transcript $10