Scholarships in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology

The School of Science, Engineering and Technology offers several scholarships and awards to support students with an outstanding academic record and demonstrated financial need. These scholarships are provided by gracious benefactors who wish to assist deserving students in their journey of achieving a quality education from an institution of higher learning.

Criteria for each scholarship may vary, and include factors such as major, financial need and career goals. SET students are strongly encouraged to view the scholarships offered for their major.

The Fr. Jim Tobin Saint Louis University Pre-Medical Scholars Program

The Department of Biological Sciences at St. Mary’s University has partnered with the Saint Louis University (SLU) School of Medicine to offer the the Pre-Medical Scholars Program.  This program allows outstanding St. Mary’s students to apply for early acceptance to the SLU School of Medicine after their second year of undergraduate study at St. Mary’s.

Students complete a four-year degree plan majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Forensic Science, Engineering Science (pre-med concentration), or Psychology.  If GPA and other requirements are met during their studies at St. Mary’s, students are provisionally accepted into the SLU School of Medicine.

To be eligible, students must:

  • Apply during their sophomore year of study at St. Mary’s.
  • Earn at least a 3.65 GPA math/science and a 3.65 overall GPA at St. Mary’s.
  • Have a SAT score of at least 1170 and/or ACT score of at least 26.
  • Demonstrate in a personal statement an understanding of and commitment to a career in medicine.
  • Maintain a minimum of 14 credit hours per semester and 28 credit hours per year.
  • Complete SLU’s medical school prerequisites prior to matriculation. All math and science courses must be taken at St. Mary’s University.

Please contact the School of Science, Engineering and Technology for more information about each of these awards and note that most are reserved for currently enrolled students at St. Mary’s University.

  • AFCEA Scholarship: Undergraduate or graduate students in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering ($12,500 per year for 4 years). View PDF of AFCEA requirements
  • The Brother John Donohoo, S.M., Endowed Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is for undergraduate or graduate science majors pursuing a teacher certification, or science teachers who are pursuing a graduate degree to enhance their professional expertise.
  • Bro. Edward Collignon Memorial Scholarship in Biochemistry: This scholarship is for Biochemistry majors.
  • Merrill Trust Health Scholarship: This scholarship is for students in Roman Catholic faith with hope that the recipient is a Mexican-American studying in the health fields.
  • Jones Thomas Griffith Scholarship: This scholarship is for pre-med, natural science or mathematics students.
  • Mildred Fehr, M.D. and Hans Fehr, M.D. Biology Scholarship: This merit-based scholarship is for pre-med students designated by the Biology Department, and is renewable if the student maintains a 3.0 GPA. The student must reapply each year.
  • Robert H. Briggs Memorial Chemistry Scholarship: This scholarship is for Chemistry or Biochemistry majors to be designated by the Chemistry Department, and renewable if student maintains a 3.0 GPA. The student must reapply each year.
  • Chemistry Graduates Club Scholarship: This scholarship is for Chemistry majors only.
  • Dorothy Barr Scholarship Fund: Chemistry majors from Aransas Pass High School. If no such eligible student, Chemistry major from another high school in San Patricio County. If no such eligible student, to any Chemistry major at St. Mary’s.
  • James T. Mason, Jr. Memorial Chemistry Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is for an undergrad Chemistry students.
  • Southwest Gem & Mineral Society Earth Sciences Scholarship: Environmental Science majors.
  • Bros. Raymond Schnepp & James Gray Math Scholarship Fund: This is a merit scholarship for math majors to be designated by the Math Department, and renewable if student maintains 3.0 GPA. The student must reapply each year.
  • Turgut Ozan Engineering Endowed Scholarship Fund: Engineering majors.
  • Ewing Halsell Endowed Scholarship: Science, Engineering and related technologies.
  • William J. Hamm, S.M., Ph.D., Scholarship for Excellence in Physics: Physics majors in good academic standing.
  • Richter Scholarship: School of Science, Engineering and Technology students.
  • Alfonso Gonzalez Robalin Scholarship in Biological Sciences: Junior or senior majoring in Biological Sciences, minimum 3.2 GPA, intention of applying to medical school.
  • Robert E. and Clara M. Murphy Scholarship: Undergraduate majoring in Biology, Pre-health, or Math Education, 3.0 GPA, demonstrated financial need.
  • Leland Blank & Sallie Sheppard Engineering Scholarship: Undergraduate majoring in Engineering, 3.0 GPA, with demonstrated leadership, to be awarded based on merit rather than financial need.
  • Tom and Susan Egolf Physics Scholarship: Undergraduate majoring in Physics, minimum 60 hours completed, cumulative GPA of 3.0, demonstrated financial need.
  • SRC Engineering Scholarship: Upperclassmen in Engineering.
  • SALE Scholarships: Biology and Environmental Science majors.
  • Anthony Kaufmann Biology Scholarship: Biology majors.
  • SAHCCF Scholarship: STEM major, preference for PREP students/alumni, half to female, half to male, demonstrated financial need.
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