In 1992 and 1996, St. Mary’s University was successful in obtaining funding under the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Biological Sciences Education Program. These grants not only complemented activities carried out under the auspices of the Minority Access to Research and Careers (MARC) and Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) programs by providing summer research opportunities to our students, but also allowed the University to upgrade the classroom and laboratory instruction of its biology and chemistry/biochemistry majors.


Gel Logic 212 Pro Image System

HHMI funds also were utilized for opportunities for faculty development, equipment purchases, and to engage in outreach activities designed to motivate high school students to pursue studies in biology/chemistry at the college level. HHMI-supported activities have been enhanced by grants from the National Science Foundation-Instrumentation Laboratory Improvement (NSF-ILI), The Ewing Halsell Foundation and The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, as well as institutional funds. In the summer of 1999, approximately 1,400 square feet of faculty and student research laboratory space was renovated utilizing MBRS RISE, MBRS SCORE, and institutional funds. In 2011, we created a microscopy facility containing four Olympus epi-fluorescent microscopes equipped with CCD cameras for image acquisition.

Recent equipment upgrades of nearly $500,000 include:

  • Bio-Rad iMark Plate Reader

    Software for the NanoDrop 2000 spectrophotometer

  • Veriti Thermal Cyclers (2)
  • Veriti Real-Time PCR system
  • NanoDrop 2000 spectrophotometers (2)
  • Gel Logic 212 Pro Image system
  • Image Station 4000MM Pro
  • Thermo Scientific MaxQ 5000 refrigerated shaking incubator
  • Biospectrometer Kinetic spectrophotometer (12)
  • iMac computers (14)
  • Leica DM-750 microscopes (10)
  • VWR refrigerated chromatography chamber
  • Labomed LX400 microscopes (20)
  • HeliFANplus stable isotope analyzer
  • HORIBA Scientific FluoroLog 322 modular spectrofluorometer