Pre-MARC Program

With the Pre-MARC Program, students will receive hands on research experience under the supervision of a faculty member at a research-intensive institution during a ten-week period over the summer break. In order to be eligible to the program, students:

  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Must be interested in attending graduate school and obtaining a Ph.D.
  • Must complete the application form.

Download Pre-MARC Program application form. 

Our 2014-2015 Pre-MARC Trainee Students

Fatima Al-Quaiti, Biology major

Hometown: Cibolo
Graduation Date: May 2017

Faculty Research Mentor: Andrea Giuffrida, Ph.D., at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Summer Research: We will study the effects of using stem cells on rats with Parkinson’s disease, by injecting the stem cells in various regions of the brain to observe the effects on interneuron signaling and the concentration of hormones in the brain.

Career Aspirations: I would like to obtain a Ph.D., specialize in pharmacology and work in stem cell research.

Kevin De La Cruz, Biology major

Hometown: Pharr
Graduation Date: May 2017

Summer Research : University of North Texas Health Center Center at Fort Worth, via the SMART Program

Career Aspirations: I would like to become a microbiologist and conduct research on relationships between bacteria and animals.

Stephany Rodriguez, Biology major

Hometown: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Graduation: May 2017

Summer research: University of North Texas Health Center Center at Fort Worth, via the SMART Program

Career Aspirations: I hope to someday receive my PhD and conduct research whether it be in genetics or neuroscience or toxicology.

Bianca Romo, Biology major 

Hometown: Artesia, New Mexico
Graduation Date: May 2017

Summer Research: Michigan State University’s Summer Research Program

Career Aspirations: I want to become a geneticist who is involved in the process of curing genetic disorders such as leukemia, sickle cell anemia, and heart disease. I have been blessed with so many things in my life, and I want to give back to the community that has done so much to help me. This is why as a geneticist, I will focus my efforts in biomedical research. Biomedical research does not take into consideration all of the factors indicating that something will fail, but instead it focuses on the possibility of success and looks toward making the impossible a reality. I want to be involved in this type of research that will leave a lasting impression on future generations to come. ​

Natalie Rosas, Biology major 

Hometown: San Antonio
Graduation date: May 2017

Summer Research Mentor: Dr. Kokovay

Summer Research: I will be aiding in the Kokovay lab University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio’s Department of Cellular and Structural Biology, which focuses on neural stem cells. Specifically, we will be studying the niche regulation of neural stem cell and aging on neural stem cell function through the analysis of transgenic mice.

Career Aspirations: I would like to focus my research on genetic disorders, specifically mechanisms for early intrauterine detection and intrauterine gene therapies to either prevent or minimize symptoms from the disorder.

Ellysa Vogt

Hometown: San Antonio
Graduation Date: May 2017

Summer Research Conducting: I will be attending the summer research program at Michigan State University.

Career Aspirations: I want to obtain a Ph.D. and pursue a career in research.