Spring 2021 Course and Registration FAQs

As we prepare for the Spring 2021 semester, we are working to ensure every student receives the full St. Mary’s University academic experience, whether you live on campus or on the other side of the world.

Opportunities to help you discover, affirm and cultivate your unique talents and gifts are still at the heart of the St. Mary’s experience. Our commitment remains the same — that you receive an educational experience grounded in faith and the Marianist charism while preparing you for successful careers of leadership on behalf of the common good.

You can find examples from professors in this story about the different learning options.

Course information

Courses will be offered one of three ways:

Virtual (V): Students participate in Virtual courses remotely and in real-time on the scheduled class day and time. These classes meet neither in person nor on campus. Professors will teach in real-time live from the classroom, lab or an alternative location. Virtual courses may also include video recordings, class chats and one-on-one meetings with professors. For example, if a course is normally taught on Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays at 9:20 a.m. in person, students in a Virtual course will log on at 9:20 a.m. to view a live video lecture.

In-Person/Virtual (IPV): These courses are designed to be flexible (in-person or virtual). Students in these courses may opt to attend the entire semester in person or virtually. In-person classes will be much smaller than usual to practice social distancing. Students may be limited to attending in-person classes on a rotating basis, for example, every Thursday for a Tuesday-Thursday course. Students participating in person may flex to the Virtual (V) format as needed to accommodate changes in their situation. More information about how often a student may attend an in-person class will be available soon.

Online (OL): Online courses are not taught in real time, but will follow course syllabi and deadlines provided by professors. These remote courses may include pre-recorded lectures, video uploads, class chats and individual meetings with professors. For example, a professor may load a week’s worth of content that a student will study and respond to within appropriate deadlines. The number of OL courses will be very limited.

How will classes be offered in Spring 2021?

For each course, the format is noted in the Instructional Method, which is found in the Schedule Details tab for each course once registered. 

If searching for preferred format, use the Advanced Search feature when browsing for classes. Select the Instructional Methods field to narrow your search.

How do I know the format of each of the courses I am registered for Spring 2021?

Students can make these changes only within the normal add/drop period, which is through Wednesday, Jan 26.

If I take an online (OL) course and begin to experience difficulty in the course, can I change it to virtual (V) or in-person virtual (IPV)?

The University is working diligently to ensure that each graduating senior is scheduled for every course needed for graduation. Please contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@stmarytx.edu for questions about your graduation requirements.

What if one of the courses I need to take to fulfill my requirement for graduation is only offered in-person virtual (IPV) or in-person (IN) I do not plan to be on campus?


Registration access will remain open through the first week of class.  Registration will close on Wednesday, Jan 26, via Gateway.

When will registration close so can I make changes to my schedule?

Students should email the Registrar’s Office at registrar@stmarytx.edu. Include your full name, Rattler ID number, the CRN for the course you are attempting to add and the error you are receiving in the body of the email. Depending on the prerequisite, the Registrar’s Office may provide an override or direct you to the department chair for advice.

I am getting a prerequisite error when adding a class. Whom do I contact?

To receive your registration pin, you must be advised by your academic adviser. If you are a first-time freshman/ transfer, contact your academic adviser in the Office of Academic Advising. All other returning students please get in contact with your faculty adviser.

How do I obtain my registration pin number (Undergraduate Students only)?

If you have difficulty contacting your adviser, email the Office of Academic Advising at academic.advising@stmarytx.edu for assistance.

I cannot get into contact with my academic adviser. How can I obtain my registration pin number?

If you are already registered for classes and you lost your pin number, contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@stmarytx.edu. If you have not registered for any classes and you lost your pin number, contact the Office of Academic Advising at academic.advising@stmarytx.edu to schedule another advising appointment. 

Whom do I contact if I have lost my registration pin number?

To check if you have a hold that will prevent you from registering, go to your Student Profile. The hold status is located on the upper right-hand corner. GPS will also note if you have a hold.

How would I know if I am cleared to register?

If your hold is with the Business Office, contact them at businessoffice@stmarytx.edu. If your hold is with the Student Health Center, contact them at healthcenter@stmarytx.edu. For all other holds, contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@stmarytx.edu. Include your Rattler ID number, full name and the hold error in the body of the email.

Whom do I contact if I have a hold?


Students should add themselves to the waitlist or register for an alternate section of the same course or any course all together. We also recommend that students consult with their Academic Adviser for options if the class does not become available.  For undergraduate students, it is important to note that to be considered as a fulltime student, registered hours should be at least 12 hours; not including the waitlisted course.

How can I get into a closed class?

If a spot becomes available, the student will receive an email notification that a seat is available. The student will have 24-hours to register for the class.  The notification will indicate the exact date and time before the window to add the class expires.  If the student does add the course by the deadline, the next student on the waitlist will be notified of the open seat.

If the student received the notification that a spot is available, they will need access registration on Gateway.  Select the “Web Registered” option from the action drop down list under the course that is Waitlisted. Click the “Submit” button.

Students should monitor their email account carefully and frequently, including spam folder.

Students should consider having an alternate plan to add another course in case a spot does not become available.

I am waitlisted for a course. How will I know when I can add this course?

Students will need to add themselves back to the waitlist or consider selecting another course. Waitlist notifications can be sent at any time (even overnight and/or on weekends). Students have 24 hours to respond to the notification. 

I missed my waitlist notification. What do I do now?


Yes. These fees are still being used by the University to provide the materials and services needed for activities, laboratories and technology even though students may experience them virtually or online.

Will there be fees (course fees, student services fee, etc.) charged if I take all my courses online?

Yes. We are making the necessary plans and precautions to allow students to live on campus. Contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@stmarytx.edu for more information

If I take all my classes virtual and/or online, can I still live on campus?

Yes. All students may take their courses virtually or online.

If I live outside of San Antonio, can I stay at home and take classes at St. Mary’s?

Yes. All currently enrolled (not new) students may take their courses virtually or online. Please contact the International Student and Scholar Services Office at isss@stmarytx.edu for questions about requirements for international students.

If I am an international student, can I take all my classes online?

Visit the Keep Learning Remotely page on Gateway for more information about technical requirements and recommendations.

What are the recommended technical recommendations and requirements for accessing online courses?

Students experiencing continuous internet limitations are asked to contact the Office of Student Retention at retention@stmarytx.edu for assistance. Students will be able to use Wi-Fi access from a variety of locations on campus.

If I have limited internet availability, can I take all my courses online asynchronously?

Undergraduate students can email the Registrar’s Office directly to change their major, or add a second major or minor.  Include the following information: Rattler ID number, full name, current major and/or minor and the major and/or minor change needed. Students should not put their ID number in the email subject line. Undergraduate students must also copy (cc) the Office of Academic Advising at academic.advising@stmarytx.edu to receive a new academic adviser. Graduate students should email their respective Program Director to request a change in program.

How can I change my major?
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