Southern Cone Studies

St. Mary’s University offers the Southern Cone Studies program for students interested in enhancing their knowledge of an increasingly important region of the Americas while completing their degree program. Students will take specialized, interdisciplinary courses on the languages, history, cultures, political economies and business environments of Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, which represent three of the fastest-growing economies in South America.

The program includes semester courses at the main St. Mary’s campus as well as a three-week study abroad experience during the summer. This unique program is particularly suitable for students majoring in international business, international relations and multinational organization studies. However, students from other majors are welcome.

Benefits of Program

Students who successfully complete this program earn 12 credit hours and receive a Certificate in Southern Cone Studies. Other benefits include:

  • Specialized coursework that makes you knowledgeable about an increasingly important region
  • Enhanced language ability in either Portuguese or Spanish
  • Marketable skills that increase your attractiveness for employment with businesses, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations

Structure of Program

  • Coursework during spring semester at St. Mary’s campus in San Antonio
  • Three-week study abroad component in Brazil, Chile, or Argentina during the first summer session, including: language training; lectures on regional economic, political, cultural, and business issues, site visits to businesses and government agencies; visits to historical and cultural sites; side trips as possible
  • Guided field project involving research on a topic related to the country chosen for the study abroad
  • Presentation of student research projects to an audience of faculty and business leaders on the St. Mary’s campus following the study abroad

Program Costs

The cost of the study abroad component is approximate to tuition for a semester of courses at St. Mary’s. The program fee covers most expenses abroad, but students are responsible for airfare to the study abroad site. Tuition, housing and meals during the spring semester at St. Mary’s are not included in the program fee. Scholarships are available for students who qualify.

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