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St. Mary’s University Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence makes waves

The data is in – specifically “big data.” The St. Mary’s University Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence is a graduate-level program developed with local industry leaders to provide business professionals with the knowledge and skills to collect, analyze and understand large amounts of data.

Experience a Legacy of Academic and Professional Excellence

Did you know?

The Greehey School of Business has educated more than 10,000 graduates with an impactful blend of real-world exploration and ethical discussion to promote the positive, change-focused aspects of business.

The Greehey School of Business’ Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence is designed to enhance data-driven decision-making skills.

This program teaches students the skills and tools to:

  • explore and analyze data
  • discern the value of data
  • make predictions using cutting-edge modeling techniques
  • develop strategically sound decisions

to improve their work and the performance of their organization.

Program Tuition and Fees

The Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence is offered at a fixed rate of $10,000, which includes tuition, required fees and course materials. Students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence are not currently eligible to receive federal or state financial assistance.

Financial Aid

St. Mary’s offers various scholarships, grants and assistantships to graduate students. Military, their dependents and Department of Defense employees may be eligible for a tuition discount.

Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 210-436-3141 or for additional information or visit

Business Intelligence Courses

An introduction to programming and analytics skills necessary to find analytics solutions to business-related problems and opportunities. The course introduces the open source programming language R.

Introduction to Business Analytics

Students are introduced to the development and interpretation of statistical models as they are used for predictive analytics, with an emphasis on a best-practice approach to statistical model specification.

Predictive Modeling

Students use Tableau and R to present the results of data analytics processes in powerful and convincing charts and infographics to understand the “how” and “why” behind vast quantities of data.

Visual Analytics and Decision-Making

Students learn to apply business intelligence principles and techniques to a comprehensive understanding of business through a theoretical and practical understanding of core data mining concepts and techniques. Students will use the powerful SAS Enterprise Miner to solve real-world problems.

Using Data for Developing Business Intelligence

Students receive academic credit for the courses and will be able to transfer them toward an MBA from the Greehey School of Business provided they complete the certificate successfully with a satisfactory grade. The academic credit is valid for up to five years from the date of enrollment.

Who should Get this Certificate?

  • A decision-maker who uses data to aid in the decision-making process
  • A manager involved in producing reports and analyzing multiple data points to assess their relevance in business decision-making
  • A critical thinker who “connects the dots” to make better business decisions
  • An “outside the box” thinker who asks “what if?” questions using data
  • A proactive thinker who asks, “what else can we do with this data?”
  • An analyst who wants to use data to ask deeper questions about the “why” not just the “how”

A Mark of Prestige and Excellence

In support of the commitment to strong business ethics and quality instruction, the Greehey School of Business is accredited by the most prestigious accrediting body in the world — the AACSB.

Fewer than 7% of all business schools in the world are AACSB accredited.

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