The three courses in the summer curriculum focus on issues of importance to lawyers representing clients doing business in China. The topics range from contract formation and protection of intellectual property to dispute resolution. All classes are taught in English. Class schedule

The program of study is academically demanding. Regular class attendance is required. In each course, the goal is to make the classroom experiences, and related guest lectures and field trips, intellectually engaging and inspiring.

International Business Transactions and China (2 credit hours, Professor Vincent R. Johnson) explores the Convention on the International Sale of Goods and other Chinese and international laws relevant to business relationships between American and Chinese entities. Topics include franchising arrangements, the payment of money across international borders and foreign direct investment.

International Intellectual Property Law (2 credit hours, Professors Robert H.Hu and Sun Xinqiang) discusses the licensing and protection of intellectual property against the larger backdrop of international trade and commerce, with particular reference to intellectual property rules applicable in the United States and China.

Introduction to Chinese Law (1 credit hour, Professor Chenglin Liu) introduces students to the history and institutions of the Chinese legal system, including the governmental structure, legislative process, court system, sources of law and enforcement mechanisms. It also explores important substantive areas of the law, such as the rules governing property ownership.