Courses and Faculty

Course Information

International Business Transactions (2 credits, Professor Richard Flint, St. Mary’s) explores national and international private law relating to the movement of goods and payment of money across national borders; licensing and franchising; direct foreign investment; and dispute resolution in international transactions.

Equal Protection in the US and Europe (1 credit, The Honorable Patrick Higginbotham, Senior Judge, 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, 2014 Distinguished Visiting Jurist) considers some of the most important equality issues of the day- racial and sexual discrimination, voting rights and affirmative action-and the approaches of the United States and European nations to these.

Lawyering Abroad: Basic Concepts of European Legal Systems (1credit, Professor Bernhard Koch, University of Innsbruck) introduces students to the core elements of European legal systems and to their structural dissimilarities with American legal systems.  Emphasis will be placed on major differences between common law and civil law approaches, and examples will be drawn from the laws of Germany, France, and other countries. Particular attention will be given to the practical aspects of lawyering, such as finding the law and communicating with foreign counsel.

Introduction to International Taxation (1 credit, Professor Chad Pomeroy, St. Mary’s) provides a brief introduction to the U.S. Income Tax System and surveys U.S. tax laws that govern U.S. citizens doing business in foreign countries and foreign citizens doing business in the United States. This course focuses on principles of U.S. tax policy, tax treaties with foreign countries, and political forces that shape international tax policy.

European Union Law (1 credit, Professor Chenglin Liu, St. Mary’s) first examines the development of the European Union (EU) and its major institutions. Then it explores the legal framework of the EU and how EU laws are implemented in its member states. Subsequently, the course covers the laws and regulations on free movement of goods including intellectual property rights transfer.

Administration of the Program

The Institute is conducted under the direction of Professor Gerald S. Reamey.  Professor Reamey is a co-founder of the program and is the Co-Director of International Legal Programs at St. Mary’s University School of Law.