Applying and Tuition


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Applying and Tuition

Students must apply separately for course enrollment and for housing. Enrollment applications are accepted on a first-come basis and must be accompanied by a $100 tuition deposit. The recommended application deadline is April 1, and tuition must be paid in full by mid-June. Visiting students must submit a letter of good standing from an ABA- or state-accredited law school.


The tuition in Innsbruck is the same as at the home campus of St. Mary’s University, which currently is $1,038 per credit, but which is expected to increase modestly prior to the 2014 program. There are no special fees, but students must purchase the books required for their courses.

Students from St. Mary’s must enroll in not less than four credits, nor more than six credits. Students from other law schools can take no more than six credits and are subject to any minimum credit-hour requirement set by their home institutions. Classes begin on Monday, July 7. The last exams are Thursday, Aug. 7. Regular class attendance is required.


A memorial scholarship in the name of Sarah K. Thompson is available for 2014 Innsbruck participants who regularly attend St. Mary’s University School of Law. Two recipients will receive awards. Applications may be obtained from Sr. Grace Walle, FMI, Campus Minister for the Law School.

The Flint Fund was established by Professor Richard Flint and Sr. Grace to assist St. Mary’s law school students who wish to attend the Innsbruck program. For more information, contact Sister Grace Walle at .

Finally, The Emiliano Infante Segrera Scholarship is offered through the generous support of Emil R. Infante, managing member of the firm of Infante, Zumpano, Hudson & Miloch, LLC. For more information, contact Professor Gerald Reamey.

Registration Changes

Course additions, substitutions, withdrawals, and audits are permitted only if such changes do not run afoul of minimum/maximum credit hour requirements.

Adding Courses

Students seeking to add a course must do so prior to the third meeting of the class. Extra books and study materials normally are not available in Innsbruck. Students should take this factor into consideration when making final course selections or requesting course changes.

Auditing Courses

Changing from graded enrollment to audit is permitted until the middle of the instruction portion of the course.

Dropping Courses

A student is permitted to withdraw from a course any time prior to the examination or equivalent deadline. The withdrawal will not appear on the student’s transcript, unless the withdrawal occurs after the expiration of the refund period (see below).

Tuition Refunds

Tuition in a course is refunded according to a sliding scale based on the date of the student’s withdrawal from the course:

Before the third class meeting 100%
After the third class meeting and before the fourth class meeting 67%
After the fourth class meeting and before the fifth class meeting 33%
After five class meetings ZERO

Innsbruck Law Program 

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