Selection Process

There are two ways to become a Staff Writer on the Law Journal: (1) the Grade-On Selection Process and (2) the Write-On Competition.

Grade-On Selection Process

Juris doctorate students who earn a place on the Dean’s List (calculated as the top ten percent of each section) at the end of their first semester of study will be invited to become Staff Writers on the Law Journal without the necessity of participating in the Write-On Competition. Invitations will be distributed by the Editor in Chief in hardcopy or electronic format during the Spring semester no later than April 1, and must be accepted by invitees in hardcopy or electronic format by a date set by the Editor in Chief.

Write-On Competition Selection Process

Students who do not Grade-On to the Law Journal may become Staff Writers by participating in the Write-On competition at the conclusion of the spring semester. A student who accepts an invitation to become a Staff Writer will not become a Staff Writer until the student has completed the required courses listed in the bylaws and has satisfied Staff Writer Orientation requirements. Orientation occurs only once each year, normally in August.
Details about the Staff Writer selection process may be found in Part V of the St. Mary’s Law Journal bylaws.