Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association whose purposes shall be to provide a more effective student government, to develop a greater spirit and fellowship among ourselves, and to work in close cooperation with the American Bar Association Law Student Division in the achievement of its goals.SBA-image


Executive Officers (2014-2015)
President Kate Dewan
Vice President Ryan Bill
Secretary Caitlin Bennett
Treasurer Christina Ivy
Special Prosecutor Veronica Trevino

3L Senators (2013-2014)
Taylor Beaver
Byron Burkett
Lizz Hoeninghaus
Elissa Hugman
Paul Hunt
Tyler Lowe
Elizabeth Lowe
Elizabeth Johnson
Cameron Smith
2L Senators (2013-2014)
MC Barr
Ryan Bill
Caitlin Bennett
Drew Grant
Taylor Harper
Christina Ivy
Bobbi Moore
Veronica Trevino
1L Senators (2013-2014)
Jessica Gonzalez Section A
Clair Strom Section A
Ashley Crawford Section B
Jim Mattox Section B
Mary Nicole Bernal Section C
Forrest Blackwelder-Baggett Section C
Michael Bellacosa Section D
Jessica Shawver Section D
Honor Court (2013-2014)
Kyle Cirac 3L
Kenny Lam 2L
Sean D. Menendez 1L
American Bar Association (2013-2014)
Sr. Rep. Charles Peters
Jr. Rep. Paolo Nangcas
San Antonio Young Lawyers Association (2013-2014)
Sr. Rep. John Grissom
Jr. Rep. Dave Jones
State Bar of Texas (2013-2014)
Sr. Rep. Kat Mc Neil
Jr. Rep. Richard Reed

Bylaws (2013)