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Portrait of Dean FrostA primary purpose of education is to prepare you to live in a world none of us can envision fully and navigate a future that has not yet been determined. St. Mary’s University, rooted in the liberal arts and the Catholic and Marianist traditions, offers just such an education, and the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is the cornerstone in delivering that educational promise.

An education of lifelong value requires us to develop knowledge and abilities that do not become obsolete, to acquire capacities that sustain us even in the midst of profound change. At St. Mary’s, the role of rich tradition and liberal arts goes beyond the cliché, “We teach you how to think.” Yes, we do that, but in a deeper, more sophisticated sense that asks you to integrate faith and reason, fact and value, knowledge and character.

Frost walking with a studentSt. Mary’s provides an education that poses the enduring question: What in life is worthy of our attention? We embed that attention to values into everything that we do – our liberal arts Core Curriculum, our carefully crafted majors and minors, and experiential learning opportunities, including study abroad, undergraduate research, civic engagement, internships and service learning.

If you seek an education rooted in the wisdom of the past, but actively re-envisioned to prepare for the future, then please, join us. We promise to provide a deep, rich array of learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom. What we ask is that you engage fully. It is up to you to claim an education of lifelong value.

-Christopher Frost, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor of Psychology

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