• Ph.D., University College Dublin
  • M.A., University College Dublin
  • Moderatorship Studies, Trinity College Dublin
  • B.A., Northwestern University


  • International Literature
  • Research in English and Cultural Studies
  • Literary Biography
  • Modernism and Postmodernism
  • Irish Literature and Evolving Identities
  • Alice Kersnowski passed away in March 2022.


Alice Hughes Kersnowski, Ph.D. has a passion for mentoring. Her goal as a professor is to guide students in developing the skills and understandings to realize their passions in service to their world.

An early career in journalism drew Dr. Kersnowski to the study of literature and languages as an undergraduate and to her immersion in a colonized culture and site of conflict as a graduate student in Ireland. She since lectured in eleven countries.

Sharing these experiences with her students in the study of literature and writing, and opening fellowship and research opportunities for their studies, connects the local with the global for them.


  • Conversations with Edna O’Brien, Jackson, Mississippi, University Press of Mississippi.
  • “An Irish Classic”. Sewanee Review, CXIV.3.
  • “Decommissioning: the Peace Process in Northern Ireland” Trickster’s Way: A journal of Semiotics.
  •  “Humanities and Careers” monograph, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
  • “A Guide to Mentoring Undergraduate Research in the Humanities” Ellipsis: Online journal of undergraduate research in the Humanities.
  • Humanities Institute of Ireland, Institute for the Study of Social Change. “Negotiating Narratives: Tricksters, Cultural Memory and the Peace Process.”
  • 100th Anniversary of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Dublin City University. “Reading Joyce from Ellmann to the Good Friday Agreement.”
  • Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. “Literature and Cultural Memory: A Key to the Borders in Memory” “Edna O’Brien in England and Ireland. Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.


  • Distinguished Teaching/Mentoring Award, St. Mary’s University
  • Visiting Research Scholar, Cambridge University
  • Visiting Research Fellow: Humanities Institute of Ireland

Research Interests

  • Edna O’Brien: Literary Biography
  • Women’s Literary Webs and Social Activism
  • The Research Question: Research and the Teaching of Writing
  • Modernism and Women’s Writing.
  • Digital Archives and Digital Webs: Visualizing Literature
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