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Executive Education

MBA students in the Greehey Executive Education program at the Greehey School of Business.Executive Education at the Greehey School of Business equips executives and corporate leaders with the knowledge, tools and relationships to produce quality and effective outcomes. The program helps bring their aspirations to action.

Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Since establishing the Meadows Center for Entrepreneurship in 1981, St. Mary’s University has focused on the development of entrepreneurial skills, teaching free enterprise and helping entrepreneurs succeed. In terms of the Greehey Executive Education program, this is reflected in the development of cutting-edge skills and knowledge, as well as the opportunity to connect and network with others.

Developing Whole Leaders
St. Mary’s University is committed to educating the whole person. In accord with that mission, the Greehey Executive Education program offers a broad range of courses that address the physical, spiritual and work-related needs – life-long learning that helps to develop an individual’s physical, psychological, intellectual, moral, social and creative qualities.

Inspiring Social Consciousness
St. Mary’s University focuses on the importance of social justice and working for the common good. This theme is reflected in Greehey Executive Education, through courses that demonstrate how businesses can be guided by socially beneficial values and contribute to the overall sustainability of the enterprise.

Delivering Timely and Relevant Skills and Tools
St. Mary’s University has evolved with the times for more than 160 years. Leaders in today’s world need cutting-edge competencies to deal with today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. The Greehey Executive Education program provides a changing and robust curriculum to meet that need.

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