Presidential Award Winner
Lupita Partida

About Lupita

Degree: B.A. in Political Science 

Hometown: Laredo, Texas  

Post-Grad Plans: Library of Congress Junior Fellows Program 

Recommended by: Dr. Sonia Garcia and Dr. Charles Cotrell

Activities and Organizations:

  • Political Science LLC
  • City of San Antonio Ambassador Program

  • Student Assistant at the Department of Political Science
  • Study Abroad at the Universidad de Alcala
  • Raices Data and Development Intern
  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Intern
  • Volunteered at ACCEM and SOS San Antonio
  • Phi Sigma Alpha
  • Rattlers for Life
Lupita Partida
Political science students

Lupita Partida
Lupita Partida, 2020 Presidential Award Recipient

My parents’ immigration story, my status as a first generation Latinx and my upbringing in a poor socioeconomic society inspired me to seek a degree in Political Science at St. Mary’s University. My education and the mentors I gained along the way gave me an unwavering passion for a life in public service and transformed me into a leader who aspires to instill change in her community.

St. Mary’s allowed me to see the world. With the support of my professors and mentors, I stepped foot on unfamiliar territory. My professors’ lectures bolstered my passion for civic engagement, immigration policy and international politics. I attribute my skills, knowledge and passion to my collegiate career at St. Mary’s. I cherish the memories, connections and passions I acquired during the most epic time of my life.

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