Faris Andonie
Faris A. Andonie

About Faris

Degree: B.S. in Engineering Management 

Hometown: San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Activities and Organizations:

  • American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)
  • Marianist Leadership Program (MLP)
  • Marianist Lay Community (MLC)
  • Continuing the Heritage (CTH)
  • Marianist Residence

Post-Grad Plans: Return to Honduras and give back to my community by building my own business and opening jobs to boost the economy.

Recommended by: Dr. Rudy Vela and Dr. Richard Cardenas

Faris Andonie
Faris Andonie
Faris A. Andonie, 2020 Presidential Award Recipient

I have gained an amalgam of perspectives within the world of service, which developed in me a deep sense of empathy. As part of the Marianist Leadership Program, I was lucky to engage in countless hours of service at the Marianist Residence where I could help the brothers as a means of expressing gratitude, while also benefiting from their wisdom.

Father Jim Tobin, S.M., provided me with much needed spiritual guidance to navigate the complex and dynamic time that is college, playing a pivotal role in my spiritual development throughout my time at St. Mary’s University. I can proudly say that my relationship with God, as well as my sense of conviction, are both at a place I never thought possible largely due to Father Jim’s guidance.

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