Tuition Credit: Refund Calendar

Important note for students: Students who receive financial aid and do not register for the number of hours their financial aid is based upon or drop below that number before the end of the semester may have their financial aid offer revised. This revision may include the revocation of any and all grant funds and the return of student loan funds to the lender. Additionally, such students may lose future eligibility for financial aid depending on the number of classes they drop.

International students on certain visa types (F-1, J-1) are required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to take a full course load. Dropping below a full course load may result in a violation of the student’s immigration status. Students should talk with an adviser in the Center for International Education before dropping a class.

Fall 2016

Traditional 16-week
First 8-week
Second 8-week
Last day for
100% refund*
Aug. 22 Aug. 18 Oct. 10
Last day for
75% refund
Aug. 29 Aug. 22 Oct. 12
Last day for
50% refund
Sept. 6 Aug. 24 Oct. 14
Last day for
25% refund
Sept. 13 Aug. 26 Oct. 18