Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a copy of my schedule or my grades?

Students may obtain their schedule, grades, projected bill, financial aid award, and much more from Gateway. For help with Gateway, please call the IT Help Desk at 210-431-HELP(4357).

How do I request a copy of a grade report?

Students should obtain grade information from Gateway. Remember, Gateway has up-to-date real-time information, and it’s available 24/7.

How may I obtain a copy of my transcript from St. Mary’s?

Students may request copies of Official and Unofficial Transcripts at the Registrar’s Office. Requests must be made in person or submitted to the office in writing and paid for at the time of the request. Request forms may be downloaded from the Registrar website or may be filled out at the Registrar’s Office. Currently enrolled students must present their Rattler identification cards when requesting and picking up transcripts. Unofficial copies of a student’s transcript are provided to the student at the time the request is made at a cost of $1.00 each. Official transcripts take one to two business days for processing and cost $3.00 each (nonrefundable fee). Students must clear any financial obligations to the university before a transcript will be released.

What is the difference between an Official and an Unofficial Transcript?

Official transcripts are printed on blue official transcript paper, which has the school seal in the background. Also, they are imprinted with the Registrar’s signature and the school seal. Official transcripts provided to students are stamped either “Issued to Student” or “Issued to Student in a Sealed Envelope”. Official transcripts are required by most colleges and universities and by many school districts and employers. Unofficial transcripts are printed on white paper and are stamped “Issued to Student Unofficial”. They are issued when an official transcript is not necessary. The information contained on both types of transcripts is identical.

What is a Verification of Enrollment and how do I request one?

A Verification of Enrollment will be on our letterhead and signed by the Registrar that verifies that you attend or attended St. Mary’s. You may need to request a Verification of Enrollment for insurance purposes, loan deferment, to obtain your Military ID card, exempt you from jury duty or for an employer. The letter of verification contains information regarding your status as a student (full-time or half-time enrollment), the semester dates that you attended and your expected graduation date. If required, the letter will also state your cumulative GPA, number of hours completed, etc.

Student Loan Deferment Processing:  St. Mary’s University participates in the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).  University submits a report of students’ enrollment status and proposed graduation date to the NSC, which in turn supplies the information to lending agencies. The Clearinghouse will be responsible for providing status and deferment information, on behalf of the school, to guaranty agencies, lenders, servicers, and the Department of Education’s NSLDS Phase.

Students may request verification ONLY for semesters that have passed or currently are in session. Students request a Verification of Enrollment either by providing the Registrar’s Office with a form that is filled out and returned to the student, or by completing a Request for Enrollment Verification form that is available in our office. The form can also be found online on the Forms for Download page.  Processing time is usually 1-2 business days except during peak registration periods. Your Rattler ID must be presented in order to pick up your letter. There is no fee for this service.

Why must I present my Rattler ID at the Registrar’s Office?

All currently enrolled students are issued a student identification card when first registered at St. Mary’s. University policy states, “All students are required to carry their student identification card while on campus and must present it upon the request of any University Official.” (See University Catalog for further information.) This is for the protection of your personal and academic information. You will be asked to present your student identification card every time you request service from the Registrar’s Office.

What is an Add/Drop Slip and what happens when I submit the slip?

An Add/Drop slip is used by currently enrolled Undergraduate, Graduate, and PhD students to make changes to their schedule after the 100 % refund period of late registration. Signatures from your instructor, adviser, and the dean are required to add a class. Your adviser’s signature is required to drop a class. After the 100% refund period, a $10 fee is added to your bill for each slip turned in (payable at the Business Office) and a grade of “W” or “WF” is assigned to your transcript stating that you withdrew from the class. Check the academic calendar for dates to drop a class with an automatic “W” and the last date for student-initiated drops.

How do I change my address, phone number or other personal information?

Students may fill out an Information Change form to change any personal data about themselves. For a name change, a copy of a legal document (marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order) must accompany the form. For a Social Security number change, a copy of the signed Social Security Card must accompany the form. The form may be downloaded from Forms for Download page. All information changes must be made in writing because we require the student’s signature. Phone calls and e-mail messages are not accepted.

How do I restrict access to my personal information?

Students may restrict their information by completing a Directory Information Restriction form before the 12th day of class of a Fall or Spring semester. A copy of this form can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office or downloaded from the Forms for Download page. As long as a student remains enrolled for consecutive semesters at St. Mary’s, this restriction remains in place. If a student steps out of St. Mary’s for a semester, another form will need to be completed.

I am planning to graduate soon. What steps should I take?

Students planning to graduate should fill out an Application for Degree the semester prior to their proposed graduation.  This application is available through the Gateway, under the “Student and Financial Assistance” section of the “My St. Mary’s” tab called Application for Graduation. Application deadlines are posted in the Academic Calendar and in the Registrar’s Office.  Your coursework is evaluated to verify that you will have completed all requirements for graduation, and you will be notified immediately should there be any deficiencies via your student email. Information regarding graduation ceremony events and activities will be made available on the Commencement pages.

How do I change my major?

Undergraduate students who wish to change or declare a major should complete a Change of Major form. The form is available on the Forms for Download page. Once the form is complete, it should be returned to the Registrar’s Office. Graduate and Ph.D. students wishing to change their program of study after being admitted must submit a written request to the Dean of the Graduate School. Students will be notified after a decision is reached by Graduate Council.