Packaging Your Award

Our awarding system attempts to provide equitable awards for everyone. First, your financial need determines the amount federal and state gift aid you receive. These are the primary components of your aid package. Next, St. Mary’s University gift aid and self-help (loans and work) are added to fulfill as much of your demonstrated need as possible.

When awarding gift aid, we consider your academic achievement whenever possible. The better your academic performance, the greater percentage of gift aid you will receive in relation to total package aid. The total amount of each package is determined by the financial need analysis. However, the proportions of gift aid and self-help within that total are determined by your prior academic work.

Outside scholarships are also used to meet unmet need or to replace self-help. If your outside scholarship is greater than your unmet need and/or the amount of awarded self-help, the gift aid must be reduced in order to comply with federal and state regulations. If you receive notification of an outside scholarship, please let us know as soon as possible. This will allow us to make adjustments and notify you of those changes.

If we receive your FAFSA results after the priority date has passed, you may receive less favorable sources of financial assistance due to limited funding and the demand for those funds. The financial aid package represents the best and most equitable award we can make, based on the information you and your family submit, the completion date of the file, academic performance and the availability of funds.

The Office of Financial Assistance reserves the right to replace all gift aid (grants and/or scholarships) awarded by St. Mary’s University with other gift aid sources in the same amounts, in order to maximize limited resources. Please note that the total amount of gift aid awarded will not be reduced.

Current students are able to review and accept their financial aid award on Gateway.