Military/VA Benefits Information

G.I. Benefits

Veterans, service personnel and military dependents who have been accepted for admission and qualify for G.I. benefits should visit the Veterans Certification Officer on campus, located in the Office of Financial Assistance.

Veterans enrolled under the current Public Law provisions are subject to the same conditions concerning payment of accounts as those applicable to any other student.

Active Military Benefits Tuition Assistance Information

  • The tuition rate for qualified part-time Undergraduate military students and Graduate military students is $260 per credit hour. For qualification requirements, undergraduate students must contact Undergraduate Admissions at 210-436-3126 and Graduate students should contact graduate school admissions at 210-436-3101.
  • Military students should promptly submit their Tuition Assistance paperwork to the Business Office each semester in order to expedite billing and receipt of payment.
  • Payment for any balance not covered by military tuition assistance is due 90 days after the first day classes begin each semester. Therefore, payment is due Aug. 31 for the Summer semester; Nov. 15 for the Fall semester; and April 15 for the Spring semester. All other military students, not utilizing tuition assistance must remit payment by the deadlines posted on the payment information page.
  • If payment is not received by these dates, a $150 late payment fee will be assessed.

VA Benefits Information

  • VA Chapter 31 students are required to submit all paperwork to the Veteran’s Certification Officer in the Office of Financial Assistance.
  • The Business Office must receive notification from the Veteran’s Certification Officer in order to process the billing for the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • VA Chapter 31 students are allotted $75 for supplies plus the cost of course-required books.